Theorie by Unnati Pingle

Théorie is the brainchild of Unnati Pingle. It is a pop-up exhibition of bespoke pieces of furniture and art, the first of which was held over two days in October last year in Hyderabad. The event was a culmination of sorts of what Unnati had been working on for over a year.

What is Théorie all about?

When I asked Unnati what was Théorie about, this is what she had to say:

Théorie was transpired of the uncharted. It is curating bespoke pieces of furniture and art. What makes the brand special is that each piece is unique and exquisite, with no attempt spared on the immaculate finishes.

In simpler words, these are pre-owned pieces of furniture and household items such as tailoring machines and iron boxes that have been given a new lease of life; by painting, or upholstering in traditional fabrics, or inlaying tiles. As simple as it sounds, each piece is restored by hand and crafted with love by expert artisans to give it a new avatar, far superior than their original form. Think of it this way: the bone and structure are true to their original self, but they are donning a new dress. A pretty one!

For me:

Théorie is poetry in wood, symphony in color, a celebration of age, and a resurrection of stories untold. It’s all about second chances and to see possibilities beyond the obvious.

Unnati Pingle at Theorie

How did Théorie come to life?

She says, “the process began one day, when one such piece came to me in 2016, from a very dear friend. They had no use for it in their new home and I with an insight, decided to rescue it and perk it up. This work of ART ultimately went on to becoming the show-stopper of the first ever Théorie Trunk Show.”

The high point of Théorie was INSTILLING LIFE into pieces that once adorned homes, cherished and now in a state of apathy. This appealed to me and I continued the journey for a year until I had a conglomeration of work of art. I was so gratified of this achievement that I decided to exhibit it one fine day.

What is the design ideology of the products at Théorie?

Now that’s the whimsical bit! Its mysterious. It is a fusion of concepts put together. Hence Théorie!

Théorie is and hopefully will always remain an amalgamation of the finest artists, a creative brain and some fabulous friends as support; which I trust and have now come to strongly believe is, and should be the basis of any design process to be accomplished.

I would want to keep Théorie the way it is, with no orderliness, with no method to the madness but with a goal to create. Very centric to my personality, my frame of mind (at a moment), my resilience, which is in abundance. Keep at it, with an endeavor to churning out some magnificent pieces of art through a natural course of time.

Curating work of art for me now is like “walking into a great maze and emerging out of it with a masterpiece.”

It’s little wonder that the first edition was completely sold out in those two days.

This post is a collation of all the products showcased at the first exhibition. Needless to say, each piece of art has an identity of itself – a name carefully chosen to signify its character, immaculately styled and beautifully photographed.


A restored side board


Inlaid tile on stool


upholstered furniture pieces

Theorie by Unnati Pingle


Restored Mirror


Upholstered bench


Tile inlay in a refurbished wooden cupboard

Restored cupboard with inlay tiles


Theorie by Unnati Pingle


Upholstered chair


double ikat cushions

double ikat cushion

This post has been eight months in the making as we exchanged e-mails back and forth collating pictures. I have come to realize that, at times, it is best to leave the audience with pictures for their own interpretation. Yes, words do not do justice and not every bespoke piece of art’s journey from its past life to its resurrected form can be described.

It is to be experienced, felt, seen.

darzi refurbished tailoring machine

refurbished tailoring machine

a refurbished tailoring machine

I’m told the second edition of Théorie is coming soon. All the best, Unnati. Continue to enthrall us.

Image Courtesy: Théorie

Unnati is an interior designer. You may also be interested in touring this sophisticated apartment designed by her in an upscale neighborhood in Hyderabad.


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