Before we get to the wooden collections from Jin Kuramoto Studio, let me tell you how I got there.  I have two identical terra cotta pots with an interesting shape waiting to be painted and planted. I got it on my trip to Mahabalipuram; so they’ve been sitting in my balcony for over a month. I can’t settle on a design/color for the pots, and am constantly looking for fresh ideas. While scouting for modern patterns, I discovered materialicious.  According to the folks who run the site, “materialicious™ (“shelter, materials and objects”) is a user-submitted visual curation site featuring modern architecture and design, craftsmanship, materials and products.” True to every word. You can’t get your eyes off the page once you start browsing, and before you realise you’ve spent enough time wasting looking at the stunners.

Now, materialicious is what led me to  Jin Kuramoto Studio. The wooden tea sets and mirrors in striking, contrasting, and complementary colors leaves a lasting impression. It’s easier to reproduce the same effect with planters. I need not delve further into the effect it would bring into one’s garden.  The traditional wooden tea sets in subdued earthen colors with simple stripes is unique too.

Striped planters
Striped planters

Consider growing a herb garden in the smaller ones by placing them on your kitchen windowsill.

For dark, bright colored planters
For dark, bright colored planters

Black absorbs heat and can be harmful for the plants during the summer months. Go for a little lighter shade while retaining the effect.

White rules
White rules

When you’ve run out of ideas, a easy fallback option is a white planter. – you can never go wrong with this one. Give it a little texture, group a couple of them in different shapes in a corner, and you have a winner.

1.2.3. – Jin Kuramoto

4 – Dagens Design


  1. Hello,
    What paints do you use for painting terracota pots.
    I am also looking out for some rings which I can hang out on the window grill with the pots placed in them. Would you know where I can find these types of things. This will be similar to the tea holders that you find in tea shops where you place the glass in the ring. It would be best if they would have facility to hang on a grill.

  2. Thanks for the info. I had read that post loooong back and did not remember if it was from this blog. Do the acrylic paints give a glossy finish too like the striped planters shown above.

  3. laksh

    Not the normal ones. But you get a metallic version of acrylic paints that will give a glossy finish.

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