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Valeria Nascimentos creations
Valeria Nascimento's creations
Whats this? Make a guess!
What's this? Make a guess!

What came to your mind when you first saw these images? Would you believe if I told you these fluid forms are made out of porcelain? Honestly, when I first saw the first one, I mistook it for a snowball tree or a creamy hydrangea bush. On a side note, I love snowball and hydrangea bushes. Does anyone know if we get these blooms in India?

Valeria Nascimento, a Brazil-born and educated and award-winning London-based ceramicist, has over 20 years of experience working on ceramics. There is no dearth of designers today. But, you know when you like¬† something the minute you see it. Valeria’s work cast an impression that’s difficult to let go of. I know for sure I would stop by again sometime in the future to see what’s new. The repetitive character of her creations is striking. It makes it look effortless and blends seamlessly with the surroundings. The monochrome colors is just an extension. To be able to mold clay into something as close knit as a bloom is remarkable. In Valeria’s words, “my inspiration is drawn mostly from the natural world and porcelain has the smoothness and malleability that i need to create new shapes, manipulating it to appear defiantly weightless.” There she said it – weightless – the word I was looking for.

Valeria Nascimentos creations
Valeria Nascimento's creations
Valeria Nascimentos Creations
Valeria Nascimento's Creations

Images: Valeria Nascimento

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