An Industrial Apartment Dotted with Memories

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An Apartment Steeped in Memories

Look at the picture of the entrance above and take a guess what the railing reminds you of. The answer is hidden somewhere in the rest of the post.

The interior designer for this project named this house: “Evocative Domesticity”.

Does it sound intriguing?

Well, it did for me.

But, then, trust The Company of Design, the folks who designed this apartment to give every project they design  — an identity of its own, symbolic of its occupants and the design.

In simple words, evocative domesticity means ” memories of home or family life.” As you scroll through the images of this 1,890 sq.ft apartment in Surat, you simply wonder, how these two words succinctly described the essence of the home.

About the home:

Type: 1,890 sq.ft. apartment for a family of six spanning three generations.

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Design Aesthetic: Industrial/Mid-Century Modern

Designers: Pooja Shah, Niel Parekh of The Company of Design

An excerpt of my conversation with Pooja about the design process:

1. How did the project come about ?
The client approached us as we had designed his friend’s apartment in the same complex and had liked our overall approach to design. They wanted a warm and cozy home which would accommodate three generations of their family, in a way that it should evolve with their children’s growing needs, should be reminiscent to their own childhood and be somber and peaceful for their parents.
2. What was the brief and how did you go about the design?
The design process was a collaborative one with the family which would be living in the space: a couple with two young kids. Out intention was to open up the space visually, and yet, connect the different parts of the house spatially. The usage of muted and complementing colors for walls and flooring and different textures of materials helped us achieve this.   In terms of organization of spaces, it is a balance between social and tranquil space, the hub of life centering on the vibrant colors of the social areas.
The overall colour palette of the house is soft neutrals. Usage of natural materials such as wood along with metal gives it an industrial character and mid-century feel. But, these earthy, muted undertones are beautifully offset with a clever choice of furnishing like the blue couch from Gulmohar Lane or that dash of yellow for the door. The overall effect is that of a fresh, light-flooded, warm and sophisticated apartment,  which through a series of quirks allows the user to explore and enjoy the space.




3. One aspect architecturally that you loved about it and wanted to utilize to the max?
The apartment has a balcony adjacent to the living room which has been designed keeping in mind the clients morning routine. A swing along with some indoor plants is the perfect spot a morning cup of tea.The light colored flooring and walls along with the natural light accentuates the play of colors in the rest of the decor.

Sourcing details: The rug is from the Rug Republic, the blue couch from the Gulmohar Lane, and macrame hanging from The Wishing Chair.Pared down living room



The art work in the bedroom below is from Rogan.




This house is steeped in memories. There are elements all around the house that are a gentle reminder of something lovely from the past like: wooden bead abacus railing at the entrance (yes, you read it right, Abacus, it is) , the wall tapestry on the passage wall suggestive of grandmother’s weaving, the carved wooden blocks used in children book cabinet and entrance door are indicative of the client’s textile business.

What a brilliant idea to emboss blocks on a cabinet!


That’s another conversation starter piece right there. Who wants a normal leg for a shelf anyways?

Interesting workspace

4. Fun part of working with this client? And anything else you may want to add
It is always fun working on a project where the client is open to new ideas. We had a very short, but clear brief with a specific budget which helped designing a more cohesive space from the start.


My take: there is a fluidity about this home that doesn’t let your eye settles in any one space. And, there are enough conversation starter pieces from the puzzling corner table to the display shelf with wheel legs that will make it worth your while. So, go on, enjoy it once more.

Image courtesy: Ishita Sitwala for The Company of Design



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