Before & After: Kids Room Makeover Under Rs. 2000

This post is about a simple makeover project I did last week in my son’s room that took all of 30 minutes and costed less than $25 or INR. 2,000. It went on to become a huge hit among ‘grammers. The funny thing is all the materials for the project lay buried deep in the closet but never saw the light of the day.

Last week, I came out of the decorating slumber to do this makeover project. I wonder what was the inertia for over three years because this project was intended to be done before we moved in. The son was clear of the color scheme for his room: black and white for the furniture and wardrobe with a deep blue accent wall, and decal for the door.

Initially, I had planned the outline of a map to go with the blue background, but never got around to it. The opposite white wall was to have a random pattern of black triangles to offset the white in the room.

Here are pictures before the makeover:

Before the makeover pictures

Before the makeover pictures

The buckets you see holding stationery are recent additions. They were cute planters for succulents that someone had gifted. I had been using them to hold paraphernalia around the house before hanging them here. The base is a decoupage DIY project I did years ago.; brought the bucket holders in as I thought the place could use some colour.

Before the makeover

before the makeover

Cost of the makeover:

  • Custom designed 52 black triangles from Wallskin: Rs. 1390
  • Bunting from Amazon: Rs. 250

Total cost of the project: Rs.1640

The makeover:

  • The decal triangles are really easy to apply. Just peel off them sticker on the back and apply them directly to the wall.
  • It took me a mere 30 minutes to peel the triangles and stick them on to the wall. followed by the bunting on the other side. The color from the bunting further offsets the monochrome colors of the room.

Here are pictures after the makeover:

after the makeover pictures

Before & After: Kids Room Makeover Under Rs. 2000

after the makeover pictures

What do you think? There are two pending projects for this room: one is the map outline and the other is to find a way to display his origami creations.

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