How decals and special effects magically transform a wall

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Asian Paints is one of the few companies in India that offer comprehensive painting and makeover solutions for interior and exterior walls. Their Signature Wall series is a rage in metros like Bangalore and Chennai. However, my experience with them in Pune was frustrating and I discouraged people from considering Asian Paints. A regular reader of this blog, among a few others in Bangalore, spoke positively about their experiences with Asian Paints and how the painters agreed to re-paint the walls if they got it wrong. Surprisingly, almost every one I spoke to mentioned at least one wall being re-painted in order to get the right look.  Anyways, I requested a few pictures and a reader of this blog was kind enough to share them. These may help you in deciding if you’ve been contemplating a wall makeover.

Wheels Theme from Asian Paints
Wheels Theme from Asian Paints

This is the wheels theme for the kids’ room which uses the chalkboard range of Asian Paints.  The chalkboard range is a collection of six themes which includes Kites, Santa, Jungle, Light house, and Duck Trails. Wonder how the most sought-after characters such as Barbie and Spiderman are missing? Chalkboard is a 100% acrylic paint which makes it easy to maintain and wipe any dirt off the walls with a clean cloth. The brilliant blues and enticing pinks, no doubt, can transform any boring kids’ room into a lively one. I’m not sure if the painters do any customization to these themes. It looks like they have standard stencils to get the uniform (advertised) look.

French Riviera - Signature Wall
French Riviera - Signature Wall
French Riviera - Signature Wall
French Riviera - Signature Wall

Another stencil from the French Riviera Signature Wall series. Have you ever wondered why the interiors of a model apartment or the colors in a paint catalog look elegant and stylish, but not so much when you replicate the same in your house. Well, more often than not, the type of flooring, lighting, furniture and the soft accessories can make all the difference to bring the desired effect to a room. So, what necessarily looks good in a catalog may not be the right choice for the size of your room.

Mettalic Effects : Spatula
Metallic Effects : Spatula

Finally, the special effect called Spatula in the metallic series. Sponging and ragging are my personal favorites in this series, preferably, in some other color.

Image courtesy : A reader of this blog (thank you very much for sharing them)



  1. Dear Sir,
    I am so fascinated seeing the metallic effect:Spatula, it looks awesome, could you please give me the top coat & base coat no. for this effect. Can you also guide which coloured texture wall will look good with light green flourosent colour. Three of my walls are in light green colour & I am looking for something in yellow green colour with gold mettalic spatula texture paint.


  2. Asian Paints

    Hi Shubha, happy to know that you like our product. To get many more such combinations and see which colours will look good as well get more information on top coat and base coat, we suggest you see our Royale Play Special Effects Paint book online on http://bit.ly/qN7XdO. Also you can find a trained painter near your home who will do a great job since these painters are trained by us on http://bit.ly/mS7kQU
    Asian Paints

  3. hi,signature wall looks luvly..where do i get stencils for signature walls.

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