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All that glitters is gold. In the festive season. Here’s a list of things you can shop online at Home Center if you don’t want to step out and brave the crowds.

Last weekend, we dropped by at the new Home Centre outlet that opened up in the neighborhood. The store looked every bit festive, more than usual, with its colorful votives, glitzy lanterns, gilded vases, chrome platters, and shimmering candles.

It’s a common practice among employers to give gift vouchers during the festive season. I saw two ladies at the counter wondering how to make the best use of their Rs.3000 Home Centre gift vouchers. They had picked up laundry basket, tray among other things and were doubting if this was the right choice.

So, how do you spend it – on regular household stuff like bed sheets and cutlery, something festive, or a mix of both? You know, you want them all. Yet, you know, your house in  not a warehouse. So, what do you do? If I had Rs. 3000, these are what I would choose — artifacts that are festive because it’s the season to live it up and something that you can use all year round without going over the top. These  images are shot at the store with a tip on where to use them.


Decor Ideas: 5 Things You Can Buy With a Rs.3000 Gift Voucher for Diwali

Priced at Rs. 199 each, I would buy 3 of them – one in each color and hang them by the branches of trees in the garden. Last year, I had colored empty bottles with glass colors, tied the mouth with a rope and hung them by the tree with tea lights inside. They looked so pretty. This gold + color combination is sure to illuminate your garden with tea lights inside.

Metallic urli

This urli, priced at Rs.999, came in two variations: chrome and gold. I’m guessing this would not fade like brass. You can float tea lights or flowers. There was one more design with carvings along the edges that looked pretty.

metallic urli



A set of 10 colorful glass votives that can be grouped together as a centerpiece, positioned at different spots across the house, or along the steps of a staircase.

glass votives

Hanging diya

If you already have an urli, then you can choose to but this lotus hanging diya for Rs.999.

hanging diya

Here are a few other things at the store to add to your decor:


Hurricane lantern


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