It’s Amazing How Much Fits In This 800 Sq. Ft Apartment

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It’s Amazing How Much Fits In This 800 Sq. Ft Apartment

Dubbed “the vibrant blue home” by the architects, it’s truly amazing how much fits in this small 800 square feet apartment in Mumbai. The teeny house makes room for two bedrooms, a study table-cum-dining table, and a living room. The most fascinating aspect of this apartment is it doesn’t feel like a shoe-box, but one that has ample space for movement, style quotient, and a laid-back vibe coming from the blues.

About the project:

  • Location: Mumbai
  • Size: 800 sq.ft, 2 bedrooms
  • Occupants: A young couple with a 4 year old daughter. Both are professionals working in the corporate sector.
  • Design aesthetic: Modern minimal
  • Designed by : Studio Node
  • Time taken to complete the project: 2.5 months

Small spaces are the norm in space-starved Mumbai, but for the rest of us it just sounds small, doesn’t it? Not when you see this apartment. Studio Node, an interior design studio based in Mumbai, has designed this apartment.  It is a perfect example of anyone out there in the city setting out to renovate their space to see the wonders good design can achieve.

What was the brief by the client: requirements, storage needs?

They wanted a vibrant young vibe to their house so that when they return home from work they feel good/happy energetic in the space. The husband is a total book lover as well as a art lover – he has tons and tons of books and paintings which he wanted should be the highlight in the house.
The eyes oscillate between the brick wall and shades of blue in the living room. This rustic combination lends that casual, relaxing vibe to the living area – one where you sink in that blue sofa, put your feet up and watch TV.

Materials used for flooring, lighting, furniture, furnishing

Brass inlay in marble is used in the living room flooring and wooden flooring in the bedrooms. The credenza in the living room with blue highlights has been made by Baro. If you are wondering if that brick wall is a wallpaper or exposed bricks, then you will be surprised to know they are tiles.
It's amazing how much fits in this 800 sq.ft apartment in Mumbai
Space saving ideas for the absolutely essential things from a 800 sq.ft apartment in Mumbai

Can you describe the design aesthetic?

It’s a mix of approaches: bright colors, minimal modern with a quirk factor, geometric patterns on mid century modern colors – use of grey with combination of wood. The vibrant blue comes from the sliding kitchen door painted in blue. The bookshelf in the living room became the anchoring point for the design. To accommodate their huge personal collection of books, the clients preferred a work space instead of a  dining table which also added to the aesthetics of the living room breaking away from the typical dining space.
This is a huge takeaway I think. Most days, our dining tables anyway look like a work space so why not make it formal.

 A couple of interesting aspects of the project.

Brick wall and artwork. It turned out to be a very cozy home even though it is small in area because of the warmth from the brick wall. The walls are peppered with fun artworks collected by the client as you can see on the walls across the house.
a view into the bedroom
Library in a teeny tiny apartment
Dining and kitchen with sliding door
A sneak peek into the kitchen with blue shutters
a peek into the master bedroom
Master bedroom
Children's bedroom
kids bedroom

Image courtesy: Studio Node



  1. wow, I never thought even an 800 sq. ft apartment can look so beautiful. Love the way the things have been placed. I have been looking for a smaller accommodation but wasn’t sure how to set it up to it looks big and elegant. This definitely helps me out.

  2. Is there a way for you to include how much did it cost for this interior design and implementation?

  3. Divya Siva

    Would like to contact your team on this design and the cost

  4. Lakshmi

    You can reach out to Studio Node

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