So, shall we get started? The first in the Store Tour series is “Confluence” art store on the Jeevan Bhima Nagar main road. For folks who’ve been living in and around Indira Nagar with a slight inclination towards home decor, I’m sure you would’ve noticed this store next to Ek Bote furniture showroom. But, may be you’ve never stepped inside.

I know you are waiting to drool over the images. But, hold on. A little bit about the store owner first.

Parul Saraff, a trained interior designer from South Delhi Polytechnic for Women, started Confluence in 2000. After getting married in 2000, she moved from Delhi to Bangalore. It’s been 10 years since. Parul beams when she says she manages two babies now: her two-and-half year old daughter and Confluence.

I was intrigued by the name Confluence for which Parul said, the store doesn’t confine itself to any one art like Worli, glass or Tanjore painting. Since the store houses all kinds of art and she mixes a bit of everything in her creations, she felt there couldn’t be a better name than Confluence.

This will be a two part series with tomorrow’s post being exclusively about murals.

You get a taste of what to expect inside from the decor outside the store.

Confluence at Indira Nagar, Bangalore
Confluence at Indira Nagar, Bangalore

What does the store sell:

Shall we step inside now? Confluence takes custom orders for name boards, murals, gift items, pottery and paintings. The theme for Murals vary from traditional and tribal settings to  abstract and kids-based cartoon characters.

Name boards
Name boards

What I liked:

1. In Parul’s words, it’s a no-frills store. And, it really is. You don’t have a cute store manager to handle customers and recite details about the products they sell. Each piece is handmade and Parul has a story to tell about each one of them.

2. There is no sq.ft rate. It’s easy to have a budget and design a product around it as there’s a lot of flexibility based on the materials you choose such as metal, wood and glass.

3. Her retail customer base is relatively mall and she knows each one of them by name. Unlike many store owners I have met, she is not in to marketing much. It’s all word-of-mouth. This was reason enough for me to feature Confluence first in this series.

4. Her murals for corporates like Manipal Hospital. Some abstract ones were really fabulous.

More name boards
More name boards

What you’ll like:

1.Name boards ranging from Rs.800 to Rs.3000.

2. There are no standard designs to choose from. Every mural/name plate in her portfolio was different from the other. As a customer, you get the freedom to let your imagination run wild. When she showed me the name plate range, my first question was, “So how are you different from the guy in Home Town?” I’m sure all of you have noticed the outlet in Home Town, Marathahalli. As she said, there is very little or no room for customization. Personal interaction again is minimal as the outlet is operated by employees.

Name board with worli art
Name board with worli art

Glass and textured name boards
Glass and textured name boards

How to get there:

From CMH temple on 80 feet Indira Nagar:

1. Continue on the 80 feet road towards Jeevan Bhima Nagar. Turn left on Jeevan Bhima Nagar main road. In about half a kilometer, you’ll find the ground floor store to your left after the Ek Bote showroom.

2. When you are coming from Marathahalli on old airport road towards Jeevan Bhima Nagar, you’ll find on to your right.

Contact Details:

Store phone: +91 80 25273859. You may want to call up before going.


  1. Interesting timing of this post. We were planning to get a name board for the house and this comes right on time.
    Have seen it frequently, but never gone in. Need to check it out soon.

  2. what a coincidence…i was planning a warli nameplate for our new place…and i was wondering where to fit the name in. this post gave me a pretty good idea!:)

  3. laksh

    Natti: I thought as much. I’ve been looking at this shop for at least 7 years now, but never went in. I’m glad I did, finally.

    Sharon: Can’t wait to see your creation :)

  4. Wow..what timing..I was planning to get a nameplate done.Now I know where to go

  5. Aishwarya Balajee

    i need a unique and classic name plate for my apartment . i live in chennai and would like to know if u guys have a store here in chennai. or where i could get it done . thanks

  6. went to visit but never found the store there pls give the correct phone no need to contact

  7. I too visited this area, cn’t locate the store. Can you please give the correct address and phone no?

  8. laksh

    Hi Anitha: The shop has closed down now :( Not sure if it has got re-located.

  9. Hi.. I am interested in buying / getting done the home boards from you. I have been trying to reach you on the number given on ur website, but unable to. Please let me know your contact number / latest address.


  10. laksh

    Hi Trupti,

    Unfortunately, the shop has shut down as far as I know.

  11. laksh

    Long time..Poppin’s mom. Thanks for the info on Indian Autumn. Will drop by.

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