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I’m glad you all liked the name plate series. Today, I’ll feature another area that Confluence specializes in – wall murals.

If you’ve been thinking of doing up the children bedroom and are looking for ideas, this is a great place to start with. Wondering if you should call an artist to paint that favorite character, or get a wallpaper done, or go in for the Asian/Berger Paints’ solution? No doubt, each one of them has its own benefits and drawbacks. One of the reasons why wood-based murals from Confluence appealed to me was because they have a long life and you don’t end up damaging the walls for the same price you pay. The damage is limited to a few nails on the wall unlike wallpapers.

Confluence has a good range of wood-based murals to chose from. The treated wood is decorated with embellishments, textures in stunning colors using emulsion paints. Price of a mural ranges from Murals starts from as little as Rs.500 and go all the way upto Rs.4,500 for Barbie or Rs.7,000 for Winnie, the pooh. Again, I guess the designs can be tailored to one’s budget. Glass and metal embellishments are expensive.

Time for visual treat (pictures include generic murals as well). Kid’s murals (order-based) are often installed and not available off hand at the store. So, pictures are limited. This was about the only one getting ready at the studio.

Elephant Mural
Elephant Mural

Assorted - traditional and abstract
Assorted - traditional and abstract
African Faces
African Faces
Confluence Ganesha
Confluence Ganesha

Ganesha murals are a rage. You can find a huge variety in abstract and traditional designs. I’ve spent close to two hours sifting through scores of my pictures and Parul’s to pick the best. Hope you liked it :) Have a good weekend and see you next week with another store tour.


  1. Parul Saraff

    Hi Lakshmi

    Thanks for such a wonderful article on my store, confluence. Just want to add that we can be contacted at following numbers .
    Mo: 9845214297
    Tel: 080 25273859


    Parul Saraff

  2. I love your posts. Is it possible for you to share the address of where Confluence is based out of. I would like to visit their shop and buy some murals.

    Do they have a website ?


  3. laksh

    Hi Yamini,

    Confluence has closed down. I’m not sure if they have opened else where.

    – Lakshmi

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