A Super-Easy Way to Display Your Child’s Artwork

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A Super-Easy Way to Display Your Child’s Artwork
This post is all about my new find: a super-easy way to display my child’s artwork.

We, as parents, are proud of our child’s artwork. To the world, it may appear as random coloring or formless shapes. But, we treasure the first drawing, don’t we? With every passing year, the pile grows, and they get better at their creations, too. At the end of the school year, when they return the folder from school, I stack them in the closet.

I have seen various versions of displaying children’s artwork — hanging from strings of wire using wooden clips, wire mesh display, a gallery of frames.

But, I had a peculiar problem. The ones I wanted to display were origami jet planes and dragons that my son had made over the past 7 years. I must admit I don’t have all of them. But, I’ve saved the most difficult ones in a box. One day, he said, ” you know I prefer giving them to my friend A because he has saved all of them over the years in a drawer in his writing desk.” I was touched.

I’ve written on the blog over the years saying I can’t figure out a way to display them given that all his origami creations are in white, and would be invisible against the white wall. I even got one of the walls painted teal so that I can string a bunting across the wall and clip these. But, when time came, he refused.

This past Sunday, after lunch, I strolled into a home decor store and my eyes fell on this cute MDF board. It’s basically a piece of cloth stretched over a hollow frames, and has ropes running in zig-zag manner. To these you can clip whatever you like. It seemed pricey so I contemplated a bit before making the purchase.

The icing on the cake was it fit perfectly in between the floating book shelves and the top of the table. No I hadn’t measured.  so I didn’t even screw the board to the wall. It just sits there on the table and complements the color scheme of the room as well. Now, all I need to do is remove those cute notes and clip on the artwork. The best part is you can clip pictures, notes, whatever you like. I saw another variation of this in a rectangular format, too.

What do you think?

A super-easy way to display artwork

A budget-friendly way to display artwork

A budget-friendly way to display artwork





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