Photo Feature: Jeevan Bhima Nagar Nursery

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After doing a couple store/studio tours, I’m returning to my first love – gardening. Thanks to Natti, I discovered the nursery at Jeeven Bhima Nagar in Bangalore. Managed by physically challenged people, the nursery is well planned, maintained and customer-friendly. In absolutely no hurry to rush back home last Saturday morning, I indulged myself looking at the plants. Over to you all now :)

Flowering plants:

The nursery stocks only basic flowering plants as of now. According to the manager, they should be getting more of the Gloxinias, Star clusters, Passion flower and Petunias by this weekend.


What I liked about the nursery:

If you are a novice gardener like me, these are questions you will relate to. Do I need to water everyday? Will this plant require too much sunlight? Will it grow well in semi-shade? Sometimes, our questions tend to irritate the nursery folks. This nursery solves that formidable selection problem for us. The nursery is segregated into three sections: full sun, semi-shade and full-shade. Every plant in each section, is further labeled with its name and price making it a lot easier to choose. If you still have any doubts, the folks are pretty helpful and knowledgeable.

Price is another talking point of the nursery. For instance, you can get an aloe vera plant for Rs.15 or a lilly for Rs. 50.

Herba section
Herbs section

Full sun section
Full sun section
Full shade section
Full shade section

How to get there:

Find your way
Find your way

When are they open?

In short, the visit to the nursery was a memorable and fulfilling experience. I say that because all my previous visits to any nursery around the Whitefield region has been disastrous. Either I come back home fuming or the nursery lady is :) Though the nurseries on Varthur road stock some of the best flowering plants I’ve seen, they suck when it comes to handling customers. And, the prices are over the roof for some plants that makes you reconsider gardening as a hobby.

When you can buy plants
When you can buy plants

How can you help:

They don’t ask for it. But I saw a board displaying the name of the person who had sponsored meals for the day. On further inquiry, I got to know it is Rs.600 for meals for 15 people working at this nursery and Rs.2500 for 50 people working at their various branches. They have another branch at Lingarajapuram.

If you all know of any other good nurseries in your area, please leave a comment.



  1. Thanks for writing about this place. Really a very good place to buy plants.

  2. Lovely post Lakshmi! Thanks for sharing, and bringing this place to our notice!

  3. Tejaswitha

    Well said lakshmi…the nursery in and around whitefield sucks and prices are also high.Can you please guide me ,as to how reach this place(some landmarks).Even I stay in whitefield ECC rd.Where do u stay?

    I also saw ur post on children furniture….Can u please suggest me a good shop, where I can buy a bunk bed for reasonable price.


  4. laksh

    Teju: If you are driving from whitefield, take the right turn on old airport road that leads you to Jeevan Bhima Nagar main road. Continue on the JB road. You’ll find a IBP petrol bunk to your left. Take the first right turn after the bunk. In about 250 meters, the nursery will be to your right.

    For a simple bunk bed, you can go to Oak n Oak or Home Town during sale period. Some pieces at @ Home may work as well. For fancy stuff but expensive ones, there’s child space on Outer Ring Road – just before The Dhaba/Malgudi.

  5. I went to this nursery yesterday and bought some plants.It was a good nursery with reasonable prices and variety of plants to choose from.It is far better tahn nurserieson old madras road as well.Thank you for sharing good nursery info.this nursery is on 9th main jb nagar,to your right.

  6. Hey thanks for this information -was looking for a nusery in the HAL area ! Will surely visit tomorrow – am just starting off my terrace plants :)


  7. Many thanks for the post. I came to know abt this nursery after they conducted an exhibition at our office on Earth day. I went there today, mainly for the bio manure.. but felt the collection was really awesome. The way they’ve categorised plants, plus the price tags helps making easy choices.. plus the staff are very helpful with your questions.. unlike the experience i had in lalbagh.
    Thanks again for the post.

  8. Thanks so much for your info on the nursery – I have been meaning to visit it to pick up kitchen herbs. This website was real helpful…

  9. Prasanna

    Please provide directions or a contact number.
    Thank you.

  10. laksh

    Hi Prasanna,

    When you are going towards 80 feet road, Indira Nagara, from Jeevn Bhima Nagar, take the first right after the IOC petrol bunk. The nursery will be to your right after about 100 meters.

  11. Thank you so much for the great article. Have visited this place many a times and bought plants. Great place to visit and buy plants from. They can even train you in this field if you are interested. Please contact with them for more details.

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