Sihasn: Luxury Upholstered Furniture From This Brand Is a Reminder of Silk Road

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Luxury hand-crafted and upholstered furniture from Sihasn

Kanjivaram sari. Kansa thali.  Madhubani art.

Kantha stitch. Pochampally weave. Tanjore painting.

There is a slice of Indian heritage in each of these objects. We take pride in heirloom as they adorn the walls of our homes and occupy our chests,  passed down from one generation to the other. After all, “in the social jungle of human existence, there is no feeling of being alive without a sense of identity.”

Today, I’m talking about one such brand: Sihasn.

Sihasn is a celebration of the sense of identity we look from the past in our daily lives – a reminder of who we are, where we came from, and the rich textile legacies left behind by our forefathers.

What is Sihasn?

Sihasn is a recently launched luxury hand-crafted furniture brand that has India’s unsung textile heritage as its essence.  They make  upholstered furniture for the home ranging from futon and sofa to pouffe and folding chairs. All the products are available for purchase online. 

Their USP: What is distinctive about Sihasn is that every piece of furniture is custom designed and draped in fabric that will stand the test of time.

The fabrics are specially sourced from skilled artisans across the country renowned for their craftsmanship. For instance, the dhurries are commissioned from Jaipur Rugs in Rajasthan, kantha work from award-winning craftswomen in West Bengal,  linen from Bhagalpur, shawls from Nagaland, and  Muga silk from Assam.


Block printed upholstered rocking chairs from Sihasn

Sanju Rao, the co-founder of Sihasn, conceptualized and launched the brand in a record 8 months. I spoke to her at length last afternoon to get the pulse of what got them started and what keeps them going.
It was hard not to notice the excitement in her voice as she spoke from how she started Sihasn with no background in design.
Excerpts from my conversation with her —   

Sanju, who is your customer? Who are you making these pieces for with so much of love and care?

Each piece is an an indulgence born out of skill honed to perfection from decades of practice by master craftsmen and women.

You will own a piece of Sihasn because you associate with it, see it as an expression of yourself, and an extension of your personality. You take pride in our rich heritage, revel in the vibrant colors, and the intricate patterns of our textiles. It is not a run-of-the-mill, factory made piece of furniture.

There is a story associated with each piece, and one every homeowner will love to flaunt.

Block print fabric Upholstered garden chairs for the patio, veranda or balcony

Ajrakh printed upholstered chairs

The block-printed patterns seem familiar, yet there is a novelty because I’m seeing them on a chair. So, talk to us about it.

Block prints are timeless. The indigenous patterns found globally today trace their roots back to the country over thousands of years ago. The ones you see here are hand-dyed, embroidered or hand-woven in custom designs which lends it that stamp of authenticity and recognition.

Sihasn has found a new expression for all the all-too-familiar zigzag and paisley block-printed Ajrakh.

Upholstered chairs


Share a moment that moved you while bringing Sihasn to life.

It is undoubtedly the humility of the artisans we work with. They have honed their for decades. The first name that comes to mind is of Takdira Begum, a master craftswoman from Birbhum in West Bengal. She was conferred  the Shilp Guru National Award by the President of India for her work in inventing symmetry geometric designs using Kantha stitch.

How fabrics for upholstered furniture is hand dyed

Ajrakh block print Fabric dyeing and weaving furnishing for funriture

Weaving for handmade upholstered furniture in block printed fabrics

Hand embroidered and upholstered chairs

Had woven silk fabric furnishing for upholstered furniture

How is Sihasn different from other bespoke furniture brands?

All our furniture is ergonomically designed (cue: Yogi chair). They are functional and high on aesthetic appeal. We offer furniture reupholstering with our curated fabrics or with the user’s fabric, if they prefer it

When Sihasn introduced themselves as a luxury furniture retailer upholstering pieces with exquisite textiles, I shrugged it as yet another brand. Until, I checked out their site to get lost in the ancient history and the diversity of art and craft this country has to offer.

Image courtesy: Sihasn


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