Eye-Candy: Zebra Home Accessories

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A Beautiful room
A Beautiful room

What’s the first thing that caught your eye in this picture?

Well, the headline of this post gave it away. Zebra Stripes! You either love a zebra print or you don’t; there are no two ways about it. And, like me, if you love everything about this age-old animal stripes, you can’t have enough. I’m a sucker for anything in zebra stripes in any color: rug, cushion, bed sheet, curtain, upholstery, vase. Like I said in this page, there was a time when I wanted to call this blog “Lemon Stripes” :)

Yes, it’s an obsession. But I do realise there’s only o much one can take. It will leave you with a feeling of being on an African Safari :)

This post is a roundup of some cool home accessories with zebra print in various modern settings.

Zebra Rug
Zebra Rug
Zebra print accessories
Zebra print accessories
Green Zebra Stripe Cushion
Green Zebra Stripe Cushion

Aarohi Singh, a Bangalore-based artist, uses a dash of zebra-stripes and other animal prints in most of her kitsch creations.

Kitsch Collection with Zebra Stripes
Kitsch Collection with Zebra Stripes

Don’t you agree it was a visual treat?

Recently, I was on a wild goose chase for zebra cushion covers in Bangalore. I spotted one set on display at a furniture store in Bangalore and inquired where they bought. “This is imported, ma’am”, came the standard reply.

Tomorrow’s post will cover how to paint your cushion covers in zebra stripes. A simple DIY project with astonishing results.

Image Courtesy:

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6. Green Zebra Stripe Cushion – desiretoinspire.net



  1. I am not a stickler for zebra stripes – as you said, you either love it or you don’t … I fall in the latter category! :) But I think I am beginning to change in my opinion after this post! I never realized that zebra stripes could blend in so well with such soft colours and yet not stand out very conspicuously!
    Oh Lakshmi … Please do start a boutique! You know … there are only these elitist ones where you can’t even stand around and sniff the smells and admire the colours and textures without getting black looks from the attendants! We need something more affordable … Making luxury more affordable, you know! :P

  2. laksh

    Thanks a ton for the encouraging comments, Anitha.
    Sure, will start one :) You move to Bangalore and we can do it together!

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