In the summer of 2009, I created a category called “Home Decor” to segregate the growing list of design blogs. Within weeks, this section outnumbered the blogs under business, career, momma bloggers, and writing sections.

According to me, Apartment Therapy should come with a disclaimer: If you don’t have a job, then by all means take the risk of stopping by our site.  Because once you do, it’s not so easy to get away. I’ve heard of addiction to the Prison Break series when you’ve watched one episode and the urge to stay up all night to finish the entire season, but this one surpasses that. There have been days when I’ve lost track of hours spent indulging myself in AT land.

Who wouldn’t know Holly Becker of decor8 in the world of interiors blogging? I admire the lady’s resolve to      dig ceramicists, photographers, potters, Scandinavian stores and stylists we would otherwise remain oblivious to.  When you follow  bunch of home decor blogs, it’s easy to see, how many bloggers copy Holly’s finds  and feature them on theirs a few weeks later. Her casual writing style exudes warmth and friendliness that’s hard to come by.

How about orange: Authored by Jessica Jones, How about orange is a treasure house of DIY projects . I love the color orange, and that drew me to this blog. I have tried many of Jess’ easy DIY projects  including the newspaper basket and a holder for magazines from a cornflakes box. Jess also frequently posts links of other great DIY sites. But, I have a confession to make. If there is something called “reader fatigue”, I experienced that with this one; maybe because of the number of sewing projects lately.  If you’ve never stopped by How about orange, I insist you do :) You’ll love it and get glued to it.

It’s Pretty Good: The name says it all. Written by Mary, a self-taught photographer, “it’s pretty good” had me hooked the first time I landed on the site. Quite different from a regular blog, Mary has adopted a distinctive style of captioning images with thoughtful words. The visual inspiration  site consists primarily of closely shot images of flowers, table settings, delicious savories, freshly picked fruits, and home accessories. Mary’s eye for beautiful details of life will ensure this site finds a permanent fixture in your reading list.

Die Frau I’m Haus: You may think I’m crazy, but wait till you see the stunning images. I recently discovered Die Frau I’m Haus and I despise the fact that I can’t understand a word of what’s written on the blog. It’s probably not a bad idea to learn German so I can follow  “the woman in the house” and not depend on Google’s translation abilities. The Hydrangeas and the snowball tree flowers often pictured here are lovely.

What’s on your reader? What’s that one blog that you never get tired of reading?

Edited to add: I think it’s only fair to list the other blogs on my list after Sharon pointed out The Inspired Room.  Elements of Style by Erin Gates, PadStyle for funky designer products, My Notting Hill, Melissa’s The Inspired Room, and few by Indian authors including The Key Bunch, An Indian Summer, Art n Light, and Art By Aarohi complete the  list.


  1. Currently, I look forward to your blog posts only !!! :p

    I would rate a home decor blog good, by the amount of tips and tricks it provides, and not just photos of beautiful houses and copied from other sites. When we read a photo post, we try to imitate the same setting, which is not good. DIY projects, ideas, makeovers etc always tops the list.

  2. hey your posts are pretty good too:)
    to add to your lovely list, try The Inspired Room…I love her style!

  3. laksh

    Thank you, Sharon. Yes, The Inspired Room is currently on my list. I’ve edited the post to add others.

  4. laksh

    That was flattering, Archana. Thank you.

  5. laksh

    Sunita, Can’t thank you enough for sharing this link. I discovered a few months back and lost the link(read: not on delicious), but remembered the plot. No amount of digging into my browser history’ve unearthed it now and made my day :)

  6. I also love for loads of DIY inspiration. She hosts several guest projects each week and there’s always a bunch of amazing ideas to be had.

    I’d never heard of how about orange…I’m off to check it out now. :)

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  8. Sanjeev Shukla

    Thanks For This Blog, was added to my bookmarks.

  9. Good blog post. I certainly love this site. Keep it up!

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