An Affordable Housing Apartment Gets a High-End Look

This 2.5 BHK show apartment is in an affordable housing society, but decorated to give a modern luxurious feel. 

Who lives here: Show flat

Type: 2.5 BHK apartment

Size: 60 sq.meter

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat. India

Architects: Shivraj Patel & Shruti Malani of Intrinsic Designs

Year Completed: 2018

Intrinsic Designs has designed this show / model apartment for a large-scale affordable residential multi dwelling project in Rajkot, a city that is seeing an unprecedented growth in Gujarat currently.

A living room in navy blue sofa, leather chairs, patterned monochrome rug  and heavy upholstery

Patterned monochrome rug in a small living room in an affordable housing society

Paneled mint living room

Though it is affordable housing project, the architects decided to design and style it aesthetically in pastel colors and warmer tones for furniture to give it a modern, luxurious feel on a tight-string budget. Any shortcomings for lack of space or other architectural features are instantly overlooked when the interiors are presented aesthetically, and this project is a practical beautiful example of the same.

The choice of materials such as leather and cotton velvet upholstery add to the luxurious feel. The sheer curtains in Mediterranean style reinforce the overall breezy yet rich look.

The flooring and ceilings have been kept plain to let the buyers imagine their home and keep the focus on overall space design.

My favorite part of this house has to be the wall paneling in mint. The contrast colored vibrant modern artwork breaks the monotony.

The floral furnishings used in the bedroom are markedly different from often what one sees — which are usually solid colors.  The floral and abstract patterns are inviting and bode well against the solid sheers and dual tone headboard in the bedrooms.

Sheer curtains have been used throughout the apartment to let natural light stream in considering that the windows are modest in size and that there aren’t many in the house. Using floor length curtains even for windows gives the illusion of space and height to the room.

When wood is used in excess, it gives a warmth to the room. Quality wood also gives it it that rich feel. The same colors scheme repeats in all the rooms giving it a cohesive feel.

There are many lessons in design to learn from this show apartment. One takeaway is the height at which the artwork is hung: at eye level. Often you see them way above eye level which feels odd as you have to crane your next to get a  good look. All the art works are modern in white frame and contrasting colors.

The furniture and wall decor are otherwise minimal considering that this is a show apartment.

Mint green open kitchen with a small dining nook

Small modern bedroom with artwork and leather chair

Floral bedding completes this modern bedroom in wooden tones


Modern white bedroom with artwork and floral bedding

Dual tone bedroom with abstract bedding and light furnishing

Fact File:

Tiles – AGL

Paint – Asian Paints

Furniture – Urban Ladder

When a show apartment is executed and presented tastefully, it only makes the sale that bit easier, don’t you think?

Image Courtesy: Ishita Sitwala for Intrinsic Designs


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