This was a milestone year. Pinterest became the most engaging platform for the readers of dress your home clocking 2.5 million views a month. Here’s a countdown to the most pinned homes of 2018. In case you missed on some of the home tours this year, this is a great opportunity to see and pin them. If you have seen them already, well, you know why you loved it the first time.

#10 This 800 sq.ft apartment is small in size and big on designThe Most Pinned Homes of 2018

IC: Studio Node

This vibrant blue home designed by Studio Node proved that size is not a deterrent when it comes to making a home. It packs a punch with zillion creative ideas in 2 bedrooms, a living, kitchen and study cum dining. You’ll be itching to implement some yourself when you tour this one.

#9  Vandana’s 2,500 Sq.ft Art-Filled Home in Bangalore

Pillars, wooden swing and athangudi tiles are the showstoppers of this Bengaluru home

IC: Naveen Nagabhushan for Destination Designs

Jyotika Baleri weaves magic in all the ethnic homes she designs. And this one is no different. Her trademark pillars and swing find a place in this traditional apartment with a modern twist as well.

#8 A Travel-Inspired Apartment

Kids bedroom with built in and extra storage in the bed.The room is inspired by love for animals.

IC: deCoDe Architecture

This Mumbai apartment belongs to a family of trekkers. Dressed in soothing blues, it the vibe of a beach side home.

#7 An Origami Inspired Contemporary Apartment

An origami inspired contemporary apartment

IC: Photographix

The mango onyx and veneer headrest is just one of the highlights of this apartment heavily influenced by origami. It’s a beautiful fusion of the interests of everyone in the family.

#6 An Industrial Apartment Dotted With Memories


IC: Ishita Sitwala for The Company of Design

We featured many industrial apartments this year. This one sported a clean look with contemporary furniture, and some quirky ideas.

#5 The Thakurs’ Residence Is an Ode to Rich Fabrics and Patterned Floors

The Thakur Residence in Mumbai by PS Design

IC: Suleiman Merchant for PS Design

The home is designed to remind the owners of their home town – Goa. With furniture draped in silk, floor dressed in patterned tiles, and walls embellished with jaw-dropping artifacts, there’s a lot on going on in this home.

 #4  The Teak Wood Furniture in This House Is a Blend of Mediterranean Design and Modern Lifestyle

Wooden swing designed by Design ni Dukaan

IC: Ishita Sitwala for Design ni Dukaan / Aangan Architects

This is the swing that stole a thousand hearts, literally, on Instagram. Part of a Mediterranean inspired home in Surat, the show stopper in this house is the custom designed teak wood furniture.

 #3   The Skewed House With Enviable Landscape and Breathtaking Interiors

A simple bedroom in a magnificent bungalow with granite flooring and teak wood interior

IC: Photographix | Studio Lagom

This 11,000 sq.ft magnificent bungalow in Surat has an enviable garden and an equivalently breathtaking interiors. Don’t miss out on the garden part of this home tour.

 #2     A Delicious Blend of Indian Heritage and Contemporary Design

Traditional + Contemporary living room in Hyderabad

IC: Tangerine Turfs

An interior designer in Hyderabad designs a home that is truly an extension of the personalities of the owners, and a mirror of their tastes in life.

#1 A Chettinad Style Apartment in Bangalore

A Chettinad style apartment in Bangalore

IC: Naveen Nagabhushan for Destination Designs

And, the first spot goes to this Chettinad style apartment in Bangalore belonging to Sai and Anusha.

These were the most loved homes of 2017. 







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