Give a Royale Look to a Room with Jharokhas

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Wondering what Jharokhas are? You may have seen it without knowing those intricately carved structures go by the name Jharokhas. Jharokhas are hand-crafted balconies commonly found in Rajashtan havelis (palaces). The modern version uses elements such as wood, steel, and mirror.

Jharokhas in Nalagarh Haveli

Decorating a home with ethnic elements is very much in vogue. When I mean ethnic, it is using accessories such as cushions in bright colors of pink, green, fuchsia, a lot of wooden artifacts, brass vessels, saris as curtains, painted wooden chests, erected pillars, handicraft hangings, traditional Tanjore/Mysore/Madhubani/Warli paintings and such. One thing that’s hard to miss in such themes are the jhoolas or swings. Similarly, if you want to take it a step further and bring a rich look to a room, frame a Jharokha on a wall. You’ll be surprised by the instant transformation.

Framed Jharokhas
Framed Jharokhas leading to the dining room
A closer look
A closer look

On a stairway
On a stairway
Centerpiece of a wall
Centerpiece of a wall

Alternatively, you could get it engrave in your mail door with a small peep hole. Now, to an important question: where do you get it done in Bangalore since it cannot be done by any carpenter because of the extent of work involved and how much would it cost?

I believe most Rajasthani furniture shops such as Thar or Royal Ambience sell Jharokhas or can at least get one made if you order for anywhere between Rs.4,000 and Rs.6,000. I had featured some Jharokhas from Royal Ambience earlier.

On a closing note, do stop by the White Elephant Haveli for oodles of ethnic home decor inspiration.

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