Hand-painted Turquoise Pottery

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Good afternoon everybody! With the rains making a guest appearance only on Monday, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It has been a busy weekend at “dress your home”, in literal sense. I can’t remember the last time we were involved as a family in a rigorous DIY activity. Friday saw me returning home with cans of fresh, bright paint. By Saturday afternoon,  we were in our muddy clothes holed up in the kid’s bedroom with newspapers sprawled on the floor and paint brushes in the hand. The job is still far from done, so you will have to wait for pictures :) But, I promise it will be a long post full of pictures with a step-by-step guide (about what? keep guessing!)

Before I started on the BIG project, I hand painted a terracotta pot on Thursday in one of my favorite colors – Turquoise.  I love Turquoise because its bright, cheerful and is a head-turner. Don’t you agree? ever since I painted one of the pots in this electric color, it’s taken away the attention from my other pots. It’s picture time now.

This was how it was before I started.

Earthen pot
Earthen pot

After a night of immersing the pot in a bucket of water, it was ready to be painted the next morning. Earthenware absorb less color when left in water for a few hours.

Painted in Turquoise
Painted in Turquoise

The pot has a metallic shine to it as I’ve used pearl acrylic colors.

In the shadows
In the shadows

It looked nice in plain but I thought why not add a paisley design to it to give a Indian touch.

With a paisley design
With a paisley design


  1. Good Work especially on the paisley design. I tried painting my small pot and now it is displayed as a work of “modern art” inside the wadrobe.

  2. laksh

    Thanks, G. Paisley design is freehand drawing. The squares inside are inspired from traditional mehendi design.

  3. laksh

    Thanks, Natti. You should post your creation on the blog. Seriously! Btw, I envy your bougaainvilleas :)

  4. Freehand! Wow. You must have a very steady hand, I’d say.
    Anyway, which plant goes into this vibrant pot? any special one that you have identified?

  5. No way that picture is going to come out in public. After 1000 years once we are are all organic compost a team of archeologists will find this pot and say “This is what humans were capable of then”. Actually I forgot that paint takes time to dry. So the pot shows map from Delhi to Chennai.

  6. laksh

    Natti – :)Well, there is no dearth of pots in your balcony. So you get started or you can always spend hundreds on those painted ones from Hypercity :) which do you prefer?

  7. laksh

    G: What would you suggest? Two identical pots like the one I’ve painted are lying as it is because I couldn’t find the perfect plant for them. I’m wondering if I should plant a cacti now in the painted one to keep the focus on the color.

  8. If you regularly water the plants then wouldnt the paint slowly wear out. I cannot paint my garden pots, they will not withstand my handling. I somehow like the terracotta color. I am trying to paint some small ones right now. BTW, bougainvillea blooming more and more… :). These guys from that big nursery on Whitefield road have many saplings there.

  9. What a gorgeous pot! I want one just like it for my patio here in Sacramento! Thanks for a great idea.

  10. Hmmm. Keeping focus on the pot is a great idea but then a contrast colour combination would look striking too.
    How about the ‘Ti’ plant? the one with purple leaves with a tinge of green. Let us know what you do/did with it.

  11. Thats nice!!
    It really make a lot of difference when u look at it.
    Thank you!

  12. Really liked this space & the painted pot looks fab. What kind of paint have you used on the pots (is it water proof? & where did you get the pot from? The shape isn’t too common.

  13. Vasudha K. S.


    Could you please tell me, what paint that you have used? I am having a couple of small pots which needs to be painted.


  14. Hi I am new to your blog and I fell in love with it immediately. I have been looking around for tips on painting flower pots. I have two huge earthen flower pots and it looks quite boring in its plain earthn tones. I am glad I chanced upon this post. Can you elaborate on how to go about? Do i have to apply a water resistant because i will be potting plants in them? Thanks

  15. laksh

    Welcome here, Priya. I have a detailed step-by-step procedure in one of my older posts. Just apply varnish after your done to protect it from dirt.

  16. WOW!
    i know nothing about painting and all but i am keen on doing something like this myself. hope i am not being over ambitious. Just tell me did you apply the acrylic pain directly on the pot or did you mix anything with it??

  17. Haritha Indupuru

    Lovely pot, looks great… doing you sell these by any chance. I would love to have a couple made for my home. BTW, what it the size of this pot.

  18. HI, lovely idea. Can you plz tell me what kind of brushes you use for paining pottery and also wood for that matter,

  19. laksh

    Hi Poulomi,

    Normal paint brushes. Nothing special :)

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