A colour spirited home

Step into this contemporary apartment so peppy and colorful that it will perk up your mood instantly. MuseLAB, an end-to-end interior design firm based in Mumbai, has designed this vibrant and colorful apartment for a young couple.

Who lives here: Kishore Jain and his family

Location: Byculla, Mumbai

Brief: to connect a newly acquired 600 q.ft space to their existing 2-BHK

Size/Type: 600 sq.ft addition to the existing 2 BHK apartment

Designer: MuseLAB

Design Aesthetic: Contemporary

Time taken to complete the project: 4.5 months

The Jains’ were originally living in a 2-BHK apartment. When they acquired the neighboring 1-BHK 600 sq.ft apartment, they wanted to connect it to their existing apartment. The newly acquired space, the scope of this project, accommodates a living + entertaining space, a master bedroom and bathroom.

This Mumbai apartment has breezy blue walls and gray furnishings.

Sea-surf Toned Living Room

The home is so bright and bold in its usage of colors right from flooring to the choice of furniture that it has aptly been coined “Colourmetrix” by the architects.

The sea-surf toned walls refresh the living room of this one bedroom apartment located in the by-lanes of Byculla. It is a functional home with cleverly concealed storage camouflaged behind bright colors. Thanks to the choice of blue, the overall vibe of the home is serene and relaxing.

The floor to ceiling window in the living room with an expanse of the green outside makes it further. airy. It’s the attention to little details that stand out like the geometric pattern for the grill.

The breezy blue sofa and the patterned flooring complement the overall eclectic theme of the house.

This Mumbai apartment has some of the best ideas for a colourful living room.

A reading alcove in teak veneer finish has been created in one part of the living room. This has concealed storage.

A reading nook in teak veneer finish with concealed storage


The flooring in the living room comprises of three types of marbles: Australian white, Armani beige and black marquina marble. Huzefa, one of the founders of MuseLAB, explains:

The Jains’ were clear they wanted to use only marble for flooring. So we came up with this unique design combining the three types. It takes skilled labor to lay a flooring such as this one. We took 2 months to complete the flooring. The designing was done in CAD to get the positioning of the chips right for the flooring. Each square, if you look closely, is composed of four 8″*8″*8″ triangles.

Look at those quirky prints and artifacts. But, the overall look is plain and uncluttered opening up the space for maximum usage and storage.

Amazing living room design ideas from a Mumbai apartment

This door (in the picture you see below) opens up into the new space from the existing apartment. The plain flooring transitions into this beautiful patterned flooring opening up to the new living zone.

The entrance wall is clad in leather finish granite.

The colored exterior for the storage area draws its inspirations from the art work of Piet Mondrian.

A contemporary living room

Monochromatic Master Bedroom

Black is a bold choice for an accent wall in a small  master bedroom. But, the architects have pulled it off with finesse. The living room opens up into the master bedroom, which has a bathroom and an enclosed walk-in closet.

The flooring pattern continues into the master bedroom and bath. But, the difference here is that there are only two types of marbles used instead of three in the living room. The ones used here are Australian white and Armani beige.

One brilliant idea here is to do away with the wall that separates the bathroom and the bedroom. Instead, a frosted glass is used. The advantage is you save on the wall thickness which is typically at least 9 inches wide. This allows for daylight to flood the wardrobe area of the bedroom.

The wall behind the bed is clad in black mosaic tile and the opposite wall has playful geometric lines painted. Geometric patterns are trending and supposed to make a big comeback this year. A minimal monochromatic bedroom

Designs such as these are timeless and go well with the monochromatic theme of the room. By going with black and offsetting it with gray walls on the other side, it has brought in much needed warmth that most of us struggle to achieve in bedrooms. This wall painting is a great DIY idea as well. A reading nook in a minimal, monochromatic master bedroom

A contemporary apartment designed by MuseLAB, an interior design firm in Mumbai

A colourful sideboard frames the entryway of this vibrant Mumbai apartment

Image Courtesy: Sameer Tawde for MuseLAB



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