5 Simple Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Stylish

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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Stylish

If you’ve just returned from a winter vacation to a disheveled bedroom and already missing out on the cloud-like pillows, clean white cotton bed sheets, plush hotel digs, and fluffy robe, you don’t have to start booking a new holiday getaway just yet. Just wait a while!

Giving a luxury look to your home can be a less expensive and easier affair than you have ever thought it to be. Yes, you read that absolutely right! The best thing is that you are not expected here to already enter into a war-zone situation and make dramatic changes like the world is just about to come crashing at your feet.

With no major decor investments and just a few expert tweaks here and there, you can surely upgrade your beautiful bedroom to turn it into a dream place to relax and rejuvenate in your own home.

Let us now turn your bedroom like what we all see in the glossy pages of home decor magazines. Believe us, it is going to be a really fun ride!

Cut the Clutter

Easy bedroom decorating ideas

The easiest way to give a new and improved meaning to the aesthetics of your home is to say goodbye to dirty or cluttered appearance of objects and accessories. No matter how much fortune you spend on the furnishings, your bedroom will never look attractive if everything is just messed up. To get everything on the right mode, it is important to get rid of all and everything that is not loved, stunning, or necessary. I know a bit of a hard thing to do but we have to still do it! Remember, attractive bedrooms are not storage areas for a stack of unread books, unused exercise equipment, or folded clothing. Keep everything clean and arranged. That’s it!

Create a concept of layered lighting

How to light a bedroom with task, focus and general lighting

Believe it or not, bedroom lighting though one of the most critical concepts in living spaces is still the most overlooked aspect. Emphasize it and believe us, you don’t have to spend lavishly on a wide range of light sources to add depth and glamour to your bedroom.

For this, you can just try out hanging a beautiful pendant light instead of the traditional and boring table lamps of the bygone days. You can even use beautiful and scented candles in reflective and elegant hurricane containers.

Moreover, you may even try out using plug-in sconces that can be placed next to the furniture arrangements of your bedroom. This will update the space beautifully without you having to bear the cost of wall rewiring. If that is not all, you may even add dimmer switches that will give an expensive and sophisticated feel to the bedroom. By doing this, you can easily adjust the lighting to feel everyone cosy and warm.

Stick of a palette of limited colours

Cozy Bedroom styling for winter

Bring in your favourite colours in a thoughtful way. You can try out those bright orange and yellow shades but there is nothing that will ever come close to beating the White like white bed sheets.

Have you ever wondered why every hotel makes use of white bed sheets? Here is some food for thought:

  • White bed sheets are easy to clean. You can wash them at really high temperatures without worrying about coloured bleeding.
  • White-coloured bed sheets can match with everything. You don’t have to look for matching sets anymore!
  • White bed sheets brighten up a dark room. White bedding can easily transform how bright and lively a bedroom feels even if the bedroom is dark because of the decor or because of lack of natural light.
  • Everyone gets a bit conscious of not making white bed sheets or bedding dirty. They follow hygienic and safe habits and actions and this translates to a clean and beautiful bedroom.
  • White is classic and it is a colour that everyone associates with luxury and opulence. It can even promote the sense of well-being and calmness to your bedroom. This helps you find it easy to properly relax in your bedroom.

You can easily buy beautiful white bed sheets online using safe and secure payment options. Interestingly, you can get a wide range of bed sheets online by visiting the websites of different home improvement and home decor companies. You can always opt for the Egyptian cotton sheets if you still want to shell out some extra cash. But, why to spend extra when you can get the same or even feel better at a lower price? Right?

Make sure the curtains hit the floor

This may come as a surprise to you but you should never commit the mistake of buying draperies that are too short. This is not just because they look so store-bought, but also because short draperies look cheap. It is highly recommended that you must measure the windows before you head straight to the store.

If you are good with textile designing, you can even make your own bedroom draperies on the cheap. The use of Ikea for curtain rods and brackets is highly recommended as they are inexpensive, basic black, and are not noticeable or distracting.

Invest in large-scale art

There is nothing that beats the impact and elegance of an attention-grabbing and oversized piece of art. A beautiful piece of large-scale art imbues your living space with a luxe, cool feel and spark conversation in more than just a way.

For this, you can hit a second-hand shop or estate sales for mesmerizing pieces of art that have amazing stories behind them. If you are on the creative side, there is nothing better than doing it yourself. All you need is a giant canvas that can be purchased from an art supply store and let your hands do the talking.

We hope that these amazing 5 ways to make your bedroom looks stylish will help you in countless ways. Still confused? Visit Bianca Home and find more ways to style your bedroom.




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