In this concluding part on the Apartment Hunt series, let’s take a look at some new completed and just-launched  properties from a two-tier builders.


Renaissance Rainbow – Brookefields

Renaissance Rainbow is located opposite to the Gopalan property and adjacent to Knightsbridge apartments on the Brookefields main road. Renaissance builders have to their credit completed a dozen residential projects in Bangalore since 1998.  Rainbow has a good floor plan. The attraction of the 3 BHK apartment I saw was its huge french window, a spacious balcony, and full-length windows in the master and kids bedroom that overlook the Knightsbridge property. The huge windows bring in a lot of light and air into the apartment resulting in a overall good feeling. With a thoughtfully placed utility accessible from the kitchen, it’s reasonably priced at Rs. 55 L.


The only downside was the amenities are far from done and there is little space for kids to play around as the car park is at ground level. The land comprising the entrance to the property is not owned by the builder. He seems to have an agreement with the other owner for the only access to Rainbow. People have already moved in but there are a few apartments (the landowners share) that are up for sale.

Renaissance Jagriti – Varthur/Old Airport/Whitefield

Jagriti was executed in two phases  by Renaissance. Though the website says the apartment was completed in 2009, work is still going on. As I remember, the common amenities were not yet done. Phase 1 has a good occupancy level. I happened to look at a penthouse in phase I with interiors done but never lived in. It was tough to get a sense of how you would live in the duplex house. It appeared as if the architect was playing a jigsaw puzzle trying to fit in the rooms, kitchen, and living area together in the  best possible way.  A huge open terrace and a master bedroom the size of half a football field just added to the drama.

I came back impressed only with the skylight in the bathroom and above the stairs leading up to the first floor level. In Rs.77 Lakhs for a 2000+ sq. ft space, it’s worth a miss.This apartment, in fact, is a good example of how not to get swayed by model apartments.

DSR Elite – off Outer Ring Road

DSR Elite

DSR Elite

DSR Elite

This row house project by the DSR group is located in the are behind More on the Marathahalli-KR Puram Outer Ring Road. As far as the plan goes, the picture above should speak volumes. Can you spot the dining table right after the main door? So there you go. The kitchen is too small for a 2000 sqft+ triplex house. With one bedroom on the ground floor, two bedrooms on the first floor and yet another on the second floor, the space could have been aesthetically utilized to build a beautiful planned house. The only factor that draw me was the private garden in the back. The huge price of Rs.1.2 crore without interiors and registration set me thinking about people’s expectations.

Ganga Chelston – Marathahalli

A completed project by the Goel Ganga group of Pune, the project ran into troubled waters because of its delayed execution. Over all the project is nice with a beautiful private garden space for every ground floor home. The low rise homes are lined up close to each other to form a closely knit neighborhood. I felt they were perhaps too close for comfort. There are times when you can feel as if the neighbours don’t live in a  separate house but in an adjoining room. With a fully equipped, gym, and sauna, the project is worth consideration. The asking price for a top floor house with a private garden until two months ago was upwards of Rs.86 lakhs. There are some well maintained terrace gardens in the property. The only drawback is that terraces don’t have access from inside the house.

Krishvi Gavakshi

It’s hard to miss the Gavakshi hoarding if you live in and around the Outer Ring Road. They were all over the place – newspapers, flyers, and hoardings. When the model apartment was ready and booking opened in early July, the project was a runaway success with many families making spot advances for the 2 BHK apartments. I loved the 3 BHK and penthouse plan. The ground floor apartments come with a good private garden space. This project si worth considering if you are keen on buying a apartment.

The only reason we did not go ahead was because of the 2 year wait and a price of Rs. 80 lakhs+.

And that, brings us to the close of the Apartment Hunt series. There has not been enough enthusiasm for this series. Would you like a series on gated community sites on Bangalore or should we get back to business of dressing up homes. I would love to hear from you as your valuable feedback is what keeps me going.

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  1. Advantage with Ganga chelston. You can play badminton or Table tennis from one living room to another.

  2. Hey …I love your blogs and specially when we are going to take possession of our new house soon.Though apt hunt blogs are nice but I love to see more on interiors.The reason could be as I am a north Indian and not much familiar with Bangalore but the suggestions you post in your blogs about the shops and stuffs are really helpful for people like me who come from different corners of the country and settled down in IT hub Banaglore:)

  3. your blog about the apartments was really informative.We are on the lookout for one too and have seen all the apartments u had mentioned. We have come to a stage where we feel that there is a saturation of apts in the outer ring rd.Is it a ideal place to buy a house?

  4. Lot of effort on the reasoning front.
    Great job!!

    I would like to hear something on the gated communities front as well.

  5. laksh

    KP: If you want to live in it, then I’m afraid there is little choice. If you are taking about apartments as investment, then my opinion is they have never been a good asset class.

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