A Decor Store Owner’s Rustic Home

For Insta aficionados, “The Yellow Dwelling” needs no introduction. So you will be thrilled to step into the owners’ homes today. For the rest, The Yellow Dwelling is a furnishing and home decor store in Bangalore founded by Abhinayah and Nandakumar. The process of designing and sourcing materials for their first home led to the birth of The Yellow Dwelling. Their home is a mix of rustic elements and furnishings in pastel colours.

I hand over the reins to Abhinayah to take us through her lovely little home in Bangalore that she shares with Nandakumar and her son. The row house does not boast of imported floor finishes or branded crystal lights or swanky designer leather sofas.

It’s not your typical designer house, but a home that is self-designed by the owners with love and care to see their dreams take shape; a house that has more than a fair share of personality and authenticity; a house that gives importance to personal choices and comforts over what’s in vogue; a house that celebrates and embraces local artisans.

The sense of pride is hard to miss in this trend-defying house. I’ll let Abhinayah take over.

Who lives here: Abhinayah and Nandakumar

Location: Bangalore

Type / Size: A row house; 3BHK home spanning 1,800 sq.ft across two levels

Designed by: Self

Years lived in: Since May 2016


We wanted to decorate the house in a simple, rustic, minimalist and functional way. My husband and I love green spaces and gardens. So, right from the beginning, we planned the garden and aqua features around the house. As you walk through our house, you will see a lot of DIYs, and green and water elements.

The front porch sports a little zen Garden and a pond with water lilies. Guppies, a variety of fish, inhabit the pond along with other aquatic plants. We love starting our day by feeding the fish and tracking the growth of bloom in the plants.

There is another small patch of garden to the side of the porch. This is home to several creepers like the Jasmine, Clematis Flower Vine Plant , and betel leaves. There is a seating area here comprising a bench and a swing where we have tea every morning and catch up with neighbor.


Front porch seating

Next to the door is a big aquarium with a Buddha decal sticker. Originally designed to be a planter box, we broke the wall and made it into a 6 ft x 1.5 ft aquarium.

We were sold on the open layout of the house that lets abundant air and light to flow through. Our interiors was designed by us and executed by a start up called Ubyld, who specialize in making furniture from upcycled wood.

The ground floor consists of the living, an open kitchen and a bed. As you enter, we have a black distressed console table, that is accompanied by a black mirror. The mirror is from FabIndia.

I keep playing around with the décor on the table to suit the season.

Console table in foyer

To the right we have created a casual seating with a charpoi made from my native! I custom made these with color threads and guess where I got the threads from, from a village fair.

The living is a simple setting with a three-seater fabric sofa accompanied by two wooden chairs. We like a bright happy home, so we use mostly light cheery colors and prints for the curtains which are also used for the cushions.

A minimalist living room

A gallery wall of plates by the dining

The first floor has a small living where we entertain our close family and friends. The seating is casual with colorful floor cushions. This gallery wall is super close to our hearts, we took time to put it together, fishing through thousands of pics from the first one year of our son’s life and this wall now is grabbing all attention in this room.

casual seating

The family room opens to a balcony which again has a swing and a few tree stools for seating. These tree stools are from my uncles farm in my native. The balcony hosts a lot of orchids and a lily pond.

The master bed is a functional and neat space again where we have tried to keep the room bright by using light linen, as the flooring was a dark brown wooden flooring. We usually bring in a overall neutral soothing color scheme with a pop of color using the cushions.

A minimalist bed room

The guest bed room is a multi-functional room; it houses a home theater, work desk and doubles up to host guests. The home theater consists of an Epson home theatre projector and an Onkyo 7:1 receiver.

The futon here serves as a guest bed. I have used wooden crates, painted in yellow, on either side as side tables.

When we started setting up this house, we did a brief research on the furnishing, and found it difficult to get quality cotton home furnishings. We then continued searching and hit upon the right source and customized the furnishings for us. We received a lot of compliments from friends and family on the décor and furnishings. This combined with my love for colors, patterns and home décor was born “The Yellow Dwelling”.

We loved the experience of setting up this cozy little house and we wanted as much folks to experience the same together as a family and also at affordable rates. The Yellow Dwelling now specializes on quality cotton Home furnishing, curated décor and interior projects. We have been growing slowly and steadily and have hopes to achieve bigger heights with the love and support of our trusted customers.

Image courtesy: Abhinayah / The Yellow Dwelling



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