In this post, I’ve put together 10 simple ideas to paint your walls in geometric patterns. They are so easy that you can do them yourself without hiring a painter. To make matters further easy, I’ve given colour codes for every pattern from Berger’s Silk Glamor interior emulsion paint for walls. This premium range of paints will elevate the look of your walls to give a luxurious and sheen finish.

Pinterest predicts painting colourful geometric shapes on walls will be one of the hottest trends this year, going by search volumes for geometric painting. If you are not too much into trends, don’t fret. This is an evergreen trend that reinvents itself every now and then for the ease and versatility the idea of painting rectangles and triangles on wall offers.

Mix and match shapes and colours, go neutral in colours or paint only half of the wall in geometric patterns – the choices are endless. You can take it as far as your creativity allows. And, the fun thing about this one it is a DIY project you can do with your kids, or by yourself, and it’s a temporary one. Until you repaint; don’t like it or the monotony of the pattern grows on you, change it next year.

Here is the collection of 10 fun ideas I’ve curated for you.  You could use any paint brand you like. For the designs chosen, I found the closest match from Berger’s Silk Glamor range. I’d suggest getting a sample can to try on a patch of wall before you execute the design. Give it a try and show me the makeover.

Two-toned Accent Wall

We’ve seen similar two-toned walls on home tours here.

Gray was a popular colour of choice in home decor last year from wall finishes to sofas because it resonates with the much-in-vogue Scandinavian and mid-century style. Even if the colour sees a decline, it is a neutral you can’t go wrong with. With more than fifty shades of gray, you are sure to find one to suit your tastes.

This simple wall painting trend is making a comeback and I can’t wait to try.



yellow dining

Source: Shivani Dogra for dress your home

Mustard and white wall

Source: vtwonen:nl

Berger Silk Glamor Codes:

  • Gray: Dusty Gray (8P0206)
  • Off-white:  Angora white (3P0074)
  • Mustard:  Yellow zodiac (3A0388)
  • Mustard: Summer sun (3A0386)

Decor tip:

If you want a Scandinavian look, then go with gray and off-white. But, if you want an ethnic look, you can opt for mustard (below) and off-white. In both cases, use bright colored cushions and accessories like lamps or artwork for that instant face lift.

Games-Inspired Geometric Accent Wall

Any game-inspired decor is a refreshing way to perk up your kids room and a change from the often seen cartoon characters. I’m seeing many homes based on Lego, Tetris and Pac Man themes, of late, that are classics you can’t go wrong with. Instead of doing up one accent wall using these themes you can scatter them around on all walls in small doses.

Tetris-inspired accent wall

Berger Silk Glamor Colour Codes:

Red: Cherry Pie (1A0363)

Yellow: Summer Sun (3A0386)

Purple: Luxurious touch (6A2360)

Orange: Field of Flowers (2A0378)

Green: Beacon Hill (4A1000) & Blade of Grass (4A0944)

Tip: How often to paint your home

Make home painting a breeze that will also last longer by choosing the right interior emulsion paints. The luxurious green-certified range is not only washable, but gives a rich appearance and retains its freshness much longer. It’s best to repaint your home once every three years for walls accumulate dust and dirt marks. If you find it tiring to repaint the home all at once, go room by room every six months for ease of spending and logistics.

Triangle Accent Wall

A cluster of repeating triangles looks complicated but it’s easy to execute once you have the pattern figured out and the colours. It is time consuming no doubt. Instead of tackling the wall on one go, do it in parts. On the brighter side, it is a mindful activity you’ll be thankful for to alleviate stress on a rough day.

The result of this repeating pattern will be worth the effort when compared to a simple one.

A colourful triangle geomteric accent wall


Berger Silk Glamor Colour Codes:

Light gray: Winter morning (8P1962)

Dark gray: Elusive grey (8A0427)

Mustard: Aged ale (3A2080)


A triangle geometric wall in action

Source: Instagram (handle unknown)

Berger Silk Glamor Colour Codes:

Navy: Old jersey (5D2287)

Gray: Elusive grey (8A0427)

Painting Tip:

These are darker shades. You can dilute them as much as you want for every triangle to get a watered down effect.




Art Inspired Geometric Accent Wall

Mondrian inspired wall in an apartment


A Piet Mondrian wallSource:

Piet Mondrian’s signature patterns needs no introduction in the world of art. The clever abstract composition of intersecting rectangles in bright, bold colours of red, blue and yellow is synonymous with the great Dutch painter. Of late, I’ve seen several interpretations of his art from wardrobe shutter designs to coloured glass partitions. Stretching it to paint an abstract wall will be a nice interpretation.

Berger Silk Glamor Colour Codes:

You can choose the same ones as the Tetris pattern. If you have not decided which pattern to go with, you have a flexibility here to create a game-inspired theme or an art-inspired one.

Painting Tip:

If you are second doubting yourself about how the colours will look in your home, visualize them virtually using the Color Studio app before purchasing the paints.

Alright, it’s time to put on your overhauls and get started. Oh, don’t forget to click pictures before you begin.  You will be amazed at the before-after transformation and the richness of the finish, in particular.


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