DIY Inspiration: Painted Bed

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One evening last month, while searching for a sofa for our living room, I happened to go to the @ home store in Marathahalli with my son. When we moved from the Living section to the Bedroom section, his eyes caught a colorful red-and-orange colored bunker with a nice set of wheels and ladder. To be honest, even I loved it. He insisted on getting it home, and in the heat of the moment, I promised to paint his bed in the same color scheme. He immediately agreed and we got home. The episode was forgotten.

A week passed and I made no effort on keeping my promise (quite unlike me). He gently reminded me one afternoon after returning from school that his bed still had no wheels or, yellow and red color. It was time to get acting. I made a mental note to get the required colors before he got home the next day. And, so began the most ambitious DIY project of my life…

It’s  rubber-wood bunker with rails on either side.  It is over a  year old and I had picked it up from Oak n Oak for Rs.16,000.  This is the upper portion of the bunker before I started in all its ruggedness…

Without any doubt, the most laborious part of painting. Sanding followed by priming. I learned the hard way that if you don’t get this right, your project is doomed no matter how hard you try.

Seeing the yellows and reds after I painted the first part gave me a huge thrill of having achieved some thing. The finish was silky smooth. It gave me the confidence to paint the rest.

And here, I’m done. The bed rests in its almost final setting.

The lower part of the bunker is still waiting to be painted. I hope to get back to it in early December. Maybe, I will also add some fun elements to the headboard like a wheel or Winnie the Pooh.

Cost of the project: Rs.1200
Time spent : 6 hours
The look on my son’s face : priceless.

I’ll post a step-by-step procedure tomorrow on how to paint any furniture in the color you like.



  1. Vivek Nath

    Looks amazing.. need to add the wheel and some more of his favorite characters

  2. I am stunned with the makeover the cot got!!! And I was just about to ask the procedure … when you answered it in the last line. Will wait for your next post.

  3. laksh

    Thanks Natti, Vivek, Rekha and Jyoti.

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