Vipul Patel Architects (VPA) Sets The Bar High With This Show Apartment

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Vipul Patel Architects Sets The Bar High With This Show Apartment

This is a glimpse into a sample house designed by VPA in Gandhinagar. The design is a beautiful amalgamation of traditional + modern styles. Some corners like the pooja room with the lotus motifs and temple bells feel so personal and welcoming that it is difficult to stamp it as a show house.

The sample apartment is an end-to-end marketing tool in itself to lure prospective buyers showcasing the potential of the space beyond the obvious. Do watch out for the lotus theme in the apartment from artwork to artifacts.

About the project

Who lives here: Sample House
Location: Gandhinagar
Year built: 2017
Size: 2550 sq.ft.
Type: apartment, 4 bedrooms and 4 baths
Designed by: Naiya Patel, Jinal Patel and Ronak Patel of Vipul Patel Architects (VPA)

What was the brief from the client?

The brief from the client for the sample house was to make it accommodating and aesthetically appealing. We took the liberty to interpret this brief by designing a space that exudes warmth and makes one feel welcomed the moment they step into the apartment.

The puja room radiates so much positive vibes that I was instantly drawn to this space.

We have used a lot of warm and earthy colours throughout the spaces. We have also used natural materials such as wood as a basic material palette in all our furniture elements. Filling the apartment up with artifacts and other such elements, gives this a homely feeling and automatically makes one want to reside in it.

The architects have designed it as a tropical house, as an extension to the uber-luxe feel of the apartment outside. They have used a lot of quirk elements throughout with wood as a base material. Interesting artifacts and paintings adorn the walls of the apartment. A synchronized play of fabric, leather tiles and wood makes up the interior.

The uber luxe feel of this upscale apartment scheme is elevated and underscored by the tropical-theme landscape, rendering a resort feel. A work-in-progress, the reality will maintain a high fidelity with our vision of creating lush, water-filled greenscapes with palms trees, lily ponds and infinity pools; a rarity in residential complexes. We have followed the same design philosophy and language while designing this sample house.


As you enter the house, you are welcomed by a small entry vestibule with drawing room on one side and dining and living space as you move forward. The drawing room is divided by a partition screen and glass partitions, avoiding any solid walls. This makes it look like a part of the house and not confined.

The Drawing Room:

Each room and space has its distinct identity. The fabric selection of red colour in the drawing room adds vibrancy to this space. It makes you feel welcomed from the moment you enter it.

A bright and cheerful living room

The drawing room overlooks the balcony space in the apartment. The travertine stone clad wall on one side and a mural on the other, makes it a well-composed space. Designing the furniture and pedestal lamps and the central light fitting is what makes this room wholesome.


A balcony is more than just a space to sit out in an apartment. It becomes your connection to the outside world, a quiet contemplative spot, a hang-out space with friends. Therefore, it stands to reason that it should receive as much design attention as the other areas.

An aesthetically designed balcony with lanterns, planters, dori-clad furniture, solid wood tables and a swing

In this balcony beautification, we created an aesthetic composition out of lanterns, planters, dori-clad furniture, solid wood tables and a swing, to create an area with a wonderfully indulgent feel. The colours and materials were carefully selected to communicate warmth, and also complement the interior of the house.

Living + Dining

The living room is part of the dining space, extending to a reading corner on the further end. The lotus element is emphasized throughout the house; the customized dining hanging light, the intricately designed puja area partition screen and the painting in the living room.

Look at that pooja / puja partition door with lotus motifs and temple bells in MS

The Lotus theme is cheerfully repeated throughout this apartment in different hues and patterns

A reading nook in on corner of a long living room.

Quirk always works! In a departure from the normal, a few furniture elements see a coming together of leather tiles and wood as surface finishes. The cheerful graphics of the former imbue the space with cheer, create a good textural play and add a bit of spunk to the otherwise sedate room.

Indian design style: A beautiful wood clad TV unit with inlay tiles Luxury sample apartment by Vipul Patel ArchitectsThe Kitchen

Kitchen is usually a space that can be easily boring or ignored while doing interiors. However, the architects designed this utilitarian space with as much care as the rest of the house. Using quirky elements like leather tiles and a colourful console table makes the kitchen interesting.

Leather tiles give a sophisticated look to this kitchen

The Bedrooms

Since this is a sample house, there was no hierarchy of bedrooms; no bedroom was earmarked as the master bedroom or children’s bedroom.

This sample house has a personal touch and warmth and that's why it is different. Luxury sample apartment in Gandhinagar by Vipul Patel Architects (VPA) A tastefully done bedroom by Vipul Patel Architects in a sample apartment

Designing a bedroom is one of the most intimate parts of designing a home. Small details such as personalized picture frames, love for plants and a reading chair make a bedroom more about the client than about design. We love being a part of people’s journey of life — however small — which is what designing personal spaces such as bedrooms entails.

a bedroom is not all about sleeping. Create spaces or islands to unwind or just lounge. A reading nook in the master bedroom of a show apartment designed by VPA

A four-post bed in the master bedroom, automatically gives it an authoritative feel. The bed-back features dori-work on a metal frame. Its style is echoed by the foreground, with its assemblage of cushions. The beige set with a central colourful highlighter complements the dori back.

Interiors are all about details, and aesthetic compositions and we have provided many in this apartment. Each corner is specifically and minutely dealt with and each element is placed where it is, for a reason. This is one of the wholesome interior projects done by us, wherein everything from the decorative lights to the partition screens and furniture elements have been customized and designed keeping the space and project in mind.

The freedom to design as and what we want is something that we cherish about this project. It is a designer’s dream to be able to get such free-hand while designing.


Lights: decorative lights are designed by us, while other lights are of different brands.
Paints: Asian Paint
Furnishings: All furniture is designed by us.
Sofas: Designed by us
Dining table: Design by us
Flooring tiles: Graffiti

Image courtesy: Hiren Raval Photography



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