A Nordic Style Apartment in Bangalore Dressed in Gorgeous Shades of Grey

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A Nordic Style Apartment in Bangalore Dressed in Gorgeous Shades of Gray

Workshop Inc. designed this show apartment in Bangalore for Arvind Skylands. It has an unmistakable comfortable, lived-in vibe unlike the ostentatious, over-the-top interiors you see at model apartments. There is often a gaping gap between the sample apartment you see and the house you move in after interiors.

The interior designers have bridged this gap by designing it as a space potential residents could visualize as being their home, rather than a glamorous, unattainable display house.

About the project:

Who lives here: Show apartment at Arvind Skylands
Location: Yelahanka, Bangalore
Size: 950 sq.ft
Type: 3 BHK Apartment
Completed in: 2017
Duration: 4 months
Designed by: Varun Shah, Keta Shah, Harsh Panchal
Contractors: Shilp Furniture, Ahmedabad
Design aesthetic: lived-in vibe and a place that embodies the concept of “Hygge”

Draped in “Shades of gray”, the colour takes over as the recurring theme throughout the house giving it a light, neutral and Scandi look.  In a tete-a-tete with designer Keta:

Can you take us through the design approach for this project?

We kept the layout open so as to visually connect all the common areas such as the living, dining and kitchen.  We leaned towards a neutral colour palette to keep the interiors subtle and tasteful. Gray as a colour and theme stands out across the house.

The design for this apartment is an exercise in restraint. We stood by the mantra that less is more.  Gray is a versatile neutral colour that makes a home look cozy.  It tries to embody the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’, which, in essence, means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.

A dining room that oozes hygge

Gray textured washed walls in living room give it a rustic look with artificial butterflies

How is the layout of the apartment?

The 3-BHK apartment on the outskirts of Bangalore is targeted at young families, primarily the IT crowd that lives around that area.  The layout is simple, functional, open and thoughtful.

We placed the TV unit on the wall next to the door – as it allows for an uninhibited movement within the living room area and visually bigger. A low screening element demarcates the living and dining areas, incorporating seating as well as the dining table within it.

Two chairs and a bench make up the dining for four.

Raw textures are used to give a warm and inviting vibe to the space. The walls are painted with a grey stucco texture in most of the areas of the house.

Above the living room sofa, an installation of abstract butterflies adds dynamism to the space. The TV paneling incorporates shoe storage within it, clad with raw Bison Panels. The same material palette continues to the kitchen to create a seamless transition. A bar-cum-breakfast counter is designed to become the central hub of the house.

Scandi living room design for Indian homes with a hygge feeling

A Nordic style dining room with an industrial feel to it

The three bedrooms are towards the rear of the house, forming the private zone. The kid’s room is a monochromatic wonderland in white and grey, with colours added only by décor accents. Taking inspiration from the Disney movie ‘Up’, the room is designed to fire up the kid’s imagination, sleeping on a flying house-bed with cloud bookshelves and starry lights for company.

Flanking it is the master bedroom, with a warm, soothing material palette of wood and the stucco texture that runs throughout the house. A lounge chair provides for the perfect reading nook next to the window.

The custom-made wall mural holds the fort in the guest bedroom, with a simple bed, study and wardrobe in wood and black.

A minimalist Nordic design apartment in Bangalore oozing hygge.

A nordic style minimalist bunk bed in kids room
Touches of color in a Nordic style bedroom in Bangalore. There is the odd warmth of wood here.900 sq.ft apartment in Bangalore fits in a lot. Abstract art, minimalist lamps, and grey walls complete this Scandi style bedroom.Nordic style bedrooms

What are your predictions for trends in interiors this year?

People are now more and more aware of the environmental impacts of the construction industry,  combined with the movement that focuses on personal well being.

The trends in interiors are moving more towards simpler living. So expect to see more earthy, natural materials and textures.

Image courtesy: Studio Kunal Bhatia



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