This Is the Best Washable & Odourless Paint for Your Home.

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Have you recently painted your home and frustrated with the new stain marks that just won’t go away? Scared of enduring the paint odor again? If you are planning to repaint your home, then consider a washable and odourless emulsion paint such as Berger Easy Clean Fresh for interior walls. This post talks about why it makes for a great choice. 

Let me begin by narrating two separate incidents that happened at home last week.
This is the best washable & odourless paint for your home.

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Incident 1: I reuse glass sauce bottles with a spout as an oil dispenser. One day, I filled the oil to the brim in a bottle and pushed the spout in with force. Little did I realize there would be a spray paint of oil on the false ceiling in my kitchen. As much dramatic as it was to see the heavy droplets of oil travel in a whoosh, it was not the least bit amusing to see the damage it had caused.

Incident 2: So, Saturday night dinners are usually pasta or pizza with homemade sauce topped with fresh herbs from the kitchen garden. The 12-year-old usually helps me with the preparation adding generous amounts of whatever his favorite ingredients are. Last week, thanks to the juicy tomatoes and a mild variation in the recipe, the aroma of the sauce wafted through the kitchen. We were ready to devour the delicious red pasta.

The son took his helping and was making his way out of the kitchen with plate in one hand and a novel in another. It was a disaster waiting to happen and, it did. He hit the doorway and the plate of pasta splattered on the wall between the dining and the kitchen.

In both cases, I scurried around like a headless chicken with the choicest expletives. Oh, come on, drop the judgement! Can you expect someone who obsesses over the house so much to think rationally in such cases? I took clean clothes with a drop of dish liquid to wash away the stains. But, nothing helped.

There are unsightly blotches on the ceiling and walls. On second thoughts, I should have captured those marks on camera.

Then I started wondering if these so-called washable emulsion paints were really washable?

Easy Clean Fresh paint is the latest offering from Berger that is

  • washable
  • absorbs air pollutants and abates odours
  • release a sweet fragrance into the air

Say Goodbye to Greasy Walls with Berger Easy Clean Fresh

Washable emulsion paints for interior walls are not new. They have been around for long, but the technology keeps getting better.

Easy Clean Fresh is highly washable and can remove the stubborn pains — aka oil stains on my ceiling and pasta stains on the walls, if they were to repeat.

The proprietary emulsion has better stain resistance which means your pasta will have to work doubly hard to leave a mark on the walls. Thanks to the dust in the air and wear and tear, it’s not uncommon to see walls sporting an old look within months of painting.

Easy Clean Fresh retains the new, glossy look for a longer period of time and is also resistant to fungal growth.

Odourless Paints: Can Paints Remove Nasty Odours In the House?

Yes, it is possible with paints such as Easy Clean Fresh from Berger. And this, I believe, is Easy Fresh’s biggest USP.

There are often times when strong, overpowering and unpleasant odour emanates either from the kitchen, bathrooms, or in the utility area. Even from the most common things like sautéing garlic in the kitchen or smoke from cigarettes.

The composition of Easy Fresh has an uncanny ability to abate foul odour emanating in a room making the room smell fresh.

Easy Clean Fresh: No Smell Paints

Conventional paints are also laden with harmful formaldehyde that make it unpleasant and unhealthy to inhale when the house is painted. These are commonly known as VOCs and the primary culprit for many of us with detest the process of painting.

The most immediate side effects that many of us would have faced during painting include headache, nausea, and vomiting. The toxins from these compounds linger on in the air inside the painted buildings for years which mean they enter our bodies when we breathe.

Easy Clean Fresh, on the other hand, is low on VOCs (volatile organic compounds). In layman terms, its  chemical composition is such that it can abate unpleasant odour, formaldehyde and other air pollutants from the air making it safer and pleasant to breathe.

Tips to remove stains on walls

Despite our best efforts, accidents happen because it is a household. Easy Clean Fresh has a superior stain resistance, but if there are any stains on the walls, just remember these two points and your walls will be as good as new:

  • For water-based stains: Use a clean damp cloth with a drop of toilet soap to wipe away the stains.
  • For oil stains: the trick is to use turpentine oil.





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