This post is a compilation of select contemporary TV & entertainment unit design ideas most of which are from the homes featured here. So the themes are primarily modern, contemporary and minimalist for the most part. You will find the interior designer details along with a link to the rest of the home below each design.

There are three areas that are of prime importance to any one designing or renovating their home – living room, kitchen and pooja room. In the living room / family room, the design of the entertainment unit or the TV unit attracts most attention because it is the focal point around which everything else is then centered.

Well, at least in most apartments where space is a constraint, the TV unit can often be found in the living room with another sleek one in bedrooms.  The design is dependent on how much space you have in the space designated for TV – whether you can have storage on the sides and beneath it, or if you can accommodate only a simple wall mounted design with back paneling.

Scroll down to see some of the most often questions answered – like what factors to keep in mind, ready made or made, and where to buy ready made.

Wall Mounted TV Unit Design Ideas With No Back Paneling

15 Contemporary TV & Entertainment Unit Design Ideas From Real HomesDesigned by Vipul Patel Architects IC: Hiren Raval Photography

  1. This one designed by Vipul Patel Architects for a show apartment is simple and classy. The attractive part of this design is obviously the bohemian pattern on the ribbed wooden unit below.  The floating shelves on the side add visual interest to the setup.

Note: The wires will have to be concealed through a hole behind the TV through which the wired will pass through leading to the cabinet below that will house the switchboard and other equipment.

A wall mount flat screen TV unit design with no back paneling

Designed by Abin Design Studio

2.  Another wall mounted TV unit with no back paneling. A floating wooden cabinet beneath houses all the equipment. The surrounding vibrant artwork complements the minimalist bare design of the TV unit. The advantage of this design is the space can be used in the future to project on the wall.

Wall mounted TV unit design accompanied by a console table

Designed by Aangan architects IC: Veeram Shah and Prachi Khasgiwala

3. This one is from a lovely Mediterranean styled home with custom made furniture. The TV unit mimics the simplistic design scheme with a wall mounted setup accompanied by a sleek console table to house the equipment. This is a versatile design and a great one for rental homes.

You can buy a freestanding table from Pepperfry or Urban Ladder to go with your wall mounted TV. a wall mounted TV unit design idea with a floating wooden unit beneath

Designed by Studio Node

4. This wall-mounted TV + floating unit combination is from a 800 sq.ft apartment in Mumbai designed by Studio Node. It has a lot of storage beneath apartment from open shelves for entertainment equipment. A large open shelf can accommodate your sound bars, gaming consoles, and any external hard drives.

I have a similar one at home. The adjoining covered drawers are used to stash extra wires, remotes, and other electrical gadgets. The combination of natural wood + white gives it a modern look.

Note: Opt for a veneer or Duco finish for that smooth, natural look. If you are tight on budget, you can go with glossy + textured laminates.

Modern entertainment unit for flat screen TV in living room

Designed by The Company of Design IC: Ishita Sitwala

Basic, low-budget solution for a wall mounted TV unit design

If you are on a tight-budget, then this basic wall mounted solution with a store bought console table works best. This space is designed by Livspace.

Modern flat screen TV unit

Designed by Studio M

Contemporary TV Unit Design Ideas With Back Panel

Contemporary TV unit design by MuseLAB

Designed by MuseLAB for their family home in Mumbai. IC: Sameer Tawde

Wall mounted TV unit with white cabinet

This dreamy room in white designed by Livspace takes a more conventional approach with a glossy white back panel to hide the wires. The bottom console continues in glossy white finish with open shelves for the equipment and speakers.

Note:  With wireless modes of viewing giving way to satellite TV, you may not need a bulky unit below.  Instead design it to use it as a storage.

Wall mount TV unit design with back panelingDesigned by Studio M

This is a beautiful ribbed back panel on which the TV is wall mounted. There is a sleek unit beneath to conceal the equipment and wires. The back panel serves like an accent wall in this case. Given the natural wood colour, it adds richness and warmth to the room.

TV unit design

A combination of fiber boards form this back panel / accent wall in the TV unit wall designed by Design Cafe.

Wall mounted TV unit design idea

Designed by Sandesh Prabhu
Wall paper backed TV unit design idea

Designed by deCoDe architecture for an apartment in Bangalore

a wall mounted TV unit with back panelDesigned by The Company of Design IC: Ishita SitwalaWooden back panel wall mounted TV unit design ideas Design by Studio Lagom IC: Photographix  | Sebastian + IraTV unit design for bedroom

Design by Studio Lagom IC: Photographix  | Sebastian + Ira

3D wall panel for a wall mounted TV unit design

Wall panel IC: Repertoriocasa

What are the factors to keep in mind when designing a TV unit?

Ask yourself these questions before making a TV unit.
1. Will you hang the TV on the wall or will you keeping it on the TV stand?
2. What are the devices you will keep here – play console, sound bar, home theater system?
3. How will you conceal the wires?
4. Are there floating shelves to display artifacts?

How are living room TV units different from the bedroom ones?

The TV units in bedroom are usually sleek to hold only the TV . You will seldom find a home theater setup or other devices. With most of moving towards Prime or Netflix, the reason to having storage for set up boxes is also gone.
You can instead choose to stow away blankets or extra sheets if there is storage.

What are the pros and cons of a readymade entertainment unit?

The advantage of buying a ready made unit is that you can move it around, take it with you if you live in a rental. And, sell it later if you get bored of the piece.
The disadvantage is it gives you less flexibility to conceal the wiring. The dimensions, finish and color may not exactly match with the rest of your decor.

Where can you buy a readymade TV unit?

Check these TV units on Amazon.  I’ve curated this list as there is one product that fits in perfectly for all spaces – from small to big, living room to bedroom, and across budgets. You can buy a wall shelf for a small space and go in for a complete wood one for that rich look.

When is a readymade TV unit better than a custom-made one?

When you don’t have a carpenter to get a custom made one, short on time, and are not sure of what design and storage needs you have.


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