The past two months away from “dress your home” has been my longest period of absence. Now, it’s time to get my act together and let the creative juices flow.

The tryst with numbers and the complex world of derivatives, balance sheets and economics started sometime late August when I enrolled for Level 1 of the CFA program. Before I know, the 3000 odd pages of equations and laws  had engulfed me altogether; it left little energy at the end of the day to write a creative post. So much so that, I stopped having a social life, no weekend outings, no evening playtime in the park, a messy house, no exercising – the boring list just goes on and on. Am I glad it’s over now?  The exam was last Sunday but the vacuum is so strong that I’m missing the books already.

Thank god for a BIG surprise that happened early last week (more about it next week) which diverted my attention. And then, I did a fabulous store tour yesterday. I’m glad to be back. Missed you all. Shall reply to all the comments soon. Stay tuned for some exciting action and glimpses of the Middle East.

Leaving you with some lovely pictures of my blooming balcony. The tomato plants are over a foot and half tall now, ready to start flowering anytime soon.


  1. I tried growing tomatoes, but it just dried off. Can you tell me how do i ensure my tomoto plant survives and gives me fruits?

  2. laksh

    Deepti: you need to ensure the soil is moist and take care not to over water. Tomato plants are resilient, they come back even if the soil has dried completely and you water it before it is too late. Another reason is if it isn’t receiving enough sunlight. It’s still not too late..try planting now. It takes about 100 days from the time you sow seeds to when the plants begin flowering under good sunlight conditions.

  3. Thank you. I will try that. I am sure it had ample sunlight, guess the issue was over watering.

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