Architect Amritha Karnakar’s Family Home Is a Testament to Their Love for Antiques, Plants & Travels

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Amritha’s Family Home Amritha Karnakar is a practicing architect in Mumbai. I saw a few images of beautiful sculptures and intricately carved wooden artifacts adding grace to this home. Little did I know then it was the family home of Amritha that was decorated with love by her mother Vrinda and late father Dr. Sachin Karnakar.

The home is a tribute to their collective passion for gardening, travels, and an eye to get back a treasured piece of where they’ve been to.  The well-traveled family brings back souvenirs from their travels to deck up a corner of the home. It’s just that unlike traditional souvenirs, these are antique pieces or native to the region that are life-size and have a history to them.

The home goes by many names – spa home, zen garden, the inside outside home, and a treasure house of antiques.  I personally opine that the home wears all the hats with grace and poise.

Step in and admire a home that bears less of an architect’s imprint; a home that has aged with its occupants over the years.

About the project:

Who lives here: Architect Amritha Karnakar and her family
Location: Mumbai
Type: 2 BHK apartment in the 6th floor
Designed by: Amritha Karnakar’s parents
Design Style: A fusion of South Indian aesthetics & Amritha’s contemporary touch.

Living Room

The living room sports two amazingly carved wood pieces. The one just above the sofa depicting the different gods is from South India. In another corner is a unique tall Balinese statue of a goddess carved out of one bark of rosewood.
The center table is made out of an old carved traditional door.

Amritha says,

The furniture and accessories has changed over the years with a new piece getting added after every travel – like the wood carvings from Africa or Bali to the stone sculptures from the South India.



I was curious to know how these oranges tasted. Amritha confirmed they were sour to be eaten as is and tasted better in drinks.

The house has a mix of different orchids, champas, flowering plants, fruit bearing plants like chickoo, oranges, bonsai’s and cactii. The fabrics and furniture has been selected so as to blend with the garden greens.  There is a wide collection of bronze to wooden animal figurines. Amritha’s favorite is the deer in bronze that sits peacefully in the garden.
Small elements like a small buddhist monk in bronze statue sleeps under the bonsai tree. She mindfully reminisces how blissful it is to the see the devi stone statue and the Natraj statue to be flooded in orange hues every evening around sunset.
The orchids are the family’s most valuable possession as it a memory of Amritha’s dad. He  had a keen passion for collecting unique orchids.
The bonsai oranges can be eaten but they are a bit sour so the family uses it for desserts or drinks.
The bonsai oranges can be eaten but they are a bit sour so the family uses it for desserts or drinks.

On a closing note, Amritha enthusiastically says, ”

We are traveling to Japan next month; quite excited to see and learn about their culture, and understand the concept of zen gardens. Their understanding of landscape and blending in of the inside out in the most traditional format is breath taking . My mother has a great collection of bonsai’s; her passion to work with bonsai and the terrace is so inspiring.

Image Courtesy: Amritha Karnakar


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  1. Gurudatt Shenoy

    Excellent collection as per space availablity utilised all required items occupied in a decorated way.Realy a architecture s house.Greate .

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