Bindu Joseph’s Maximalist Home in Kerala Is a Tropical Paradise

Bindu Joseph’s home in Thrissur, Kerala is a colorful and tastefully curated home.  She lives with her husband and three teenage kids in this expansive home that I call a tropical paradise. Her Insta feed is as colorful as the vibrant bougainvilleas that  dot her garden.

Whenever she posted a picture of her home, I lusted the trimmings of flowers from her garden adorning the vases and blue pottery, or that prim and proper kitchen where even the sink belies signs of usage and ageing.  But, it was before months before I broached the idea of featuring her home here. And, I’m glad I did.

Who lives here: Bindu Joseph, her husband, and three teenage kids
Location: Thrissur, Kerala
Type: Individual house
Size: 5,000 sq.ft with 5 bedrooms
Years lived in: 23 years

You wouldn’t believe if I told you the family has lived in this house for 23 years. Yes, 23 years. This was infact a old house that the family renovated. A house can look this young and happy only when its occupants do not let monotony to set in and shower it with love. Wondering why I refer to an inanimate structure like a house as happy?

It’s because I believe the spaces we occupy breathe as much as its occupants and our energy reflects in everything around us. One look at her garden and inside the house, and you’ll know what I mean.

In a tete-a-tete with Bindu as I pick her brains to share with us how she styles her home and her housekeeping secrets for an organized home that looks straight out of a glossy.

The porch at Bindu's home in Kerala

Make no mistake, this is not a minimalist home, and definitely not one that can be boxed into a particular design style. Her home flaunts maximal-ism with pride. She throws caution to the wind when it comes to decor trends for there’s a bit of everything from bohemian prints to modern accents and traditional furniture.

Yet, nothing is out of place. She is a style icon in her own right I can imagine one flocking to get ideas.
Tropical paradise: Bindu's home in Kerala
How does your typical day look like? Do you style for posting pictures on Insta?

I’m a homemaker so my most of the time is spent on household things. Apart from that I love gardening. I spend a lot o time in the morning tending to plants.
Insta worthy… that I’m not sure, but our home is always like this. I love everything in an order and have a place for everything. At the same time, I move things to give a new look and that gives me happiness.

Bindu is a collector and has sourced antiques and collectibles from all over. This family room is a testament to her fine tastes. The family room is filled with blue and white pottery from the walls to the table. The house gets that collected look because similar objects are grouped in a certain area to give it a sense of cohesiveness.

The wooden panel above the door is from Prakalyam Gallery. The wall kettles are from The Decor Kart.

Can you share some styling tips?

Express the way you are. I don’t follow any trends but I love to incorporate everything. Detailing is very important. Colours play a great role in decor. Grouping and layering is a key feature.

Here are some pictures of her beautiful porch along with tips on how to care for your houseplants from Bindu.

Usually, I water the plants in the morning so they can take enough water and drain the excess water through the day. This also minimizes chances of decaying and gives less scope for fungal attack. I add manure regularly every three to four weeks. To keep them looking fresh, I also remove all the dead leaves, weeds, flowers, dried branches, and prune them regularly.

The porch is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite place in the family.  Bindu brought in two types of seating in order to break the regular pattern.  Here are some tantalizing views of the garden and wild colours  beyond the perimeter wall.  Her impeccable attention to detail in furnishing and accessorizing the porch is what first drew me to her room. Bindu Joseph's Kerala home with a beautiful porch

Thank you Bindu for opening the doors to your home. Keep refreshing us with vibrant images of your home on Insta.

Image Courtesy: Bindu Joseph



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