Inviting Creative Toy Storage Ideas in Kids’ Room

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One of my biggest nightmares is to organize and put away my toddler’s growing pile of toys. Just when I make my resolution of not buying any more for another month or two, does he receive a huge carton from my parents’ or friends as gifts. Once a month, I go through the pile to discard broken ones and give away those that he has outgrown. Yet, the inventory is growing strong and large, with little space to store them in his modest room. Lately, one of the biggest disadvantages is it has become tough to tidy the room and find a game that he wants to play with.

I use two huge laundry baskets to store his toys and keep us from walking over plastic cars and stuffed animals. And, don’t even get me started on the number of batteries strewn around for all those remote-controlled jeeps, aeroplanes and cars. This is what one calls grandparent indulgence! Anyways, so I’ve figured that the laundry basket system is not a very efficient one as one has to dig deep into the pile and pour the stuff over to find what you are looking for.

Here are a few that caught my attention. Loft beds such as the one below in particular, are great for storage. Look at the boxes underneath every step of the staircase.

Toys stored in a loft bed
Toys stored in a loft bed

Open shelves with wicker baskets are my all time favorite as they are easy to organize and to store not just toys but other knick-knack as well such books, CDs/DVDs, crayons, and stuffed toys. The only downside is it tends to take up considerable floor space. But I would prefer these any day to metal bins on grounds of safety.

Bright red works well for this setting…

Open Shelving for Toys
Open Shelving for Toys
Wicker Baskets for Storing Toys
Wicker Baskets for Storing Toys

Over to the readers of this blog: you’ve got creative toy storage ideas for a small-space? Share them with us.

In other news, I’m currently visiting my parents’; the Internet connection is slow and flaky, so I’ll be posting alternate days for the next two weeks.

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Loft Bed – Flickr

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  1. I am in the same position as you are. All toys are stored in cartons, bags & they have to be all emptied on the floor if one needs to find anything. I love the wicker basket sorage idea & have seen it earlier but could not located any store which would provide this solution in Kolkata.
    Needless to say I find even the thought of going through my son’s things scary & messy.

  2. Hi,
    Love the 1st bunk bed storage idea. Nicely thought out post.

  3. I like those hanging baskets made of net. You can easily mount it to the ceiling and can storage all the small toys like your soft toys, other small balls and toys which are light weight. I had picked up two of them from IKEA. These days they are available easily in stores like Lifestyle. BTW your blog is good. Look forward to see more good posts on dressing your home. You can meet other moms on our parenting forum as well. Do join us and I am sure you will get to know many good friends :)

  4. Hey that stairs thing is called by some japanese name..Tansu I think. It’s a great idea for sure!

  5. laksh

    See..you are the walking encyclopedia one should turn to for such things. I shall look it up.

  6. hi
    for handing baskets even vegetable basket which we use to store vegetables in fridge will do keep small things and it is very easy to hang and also to find things fast

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