A Quirky-Cool Mumbai Apartment

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A Quriky-Cool Mumbai Apartment

A young couple with their children live in this expansive 4-BHK apartment in Mumbai that offers sweeping views of greenery from the balcony.  Designed by Amritha Karnakar, the home celebrates the innate quirkiness of its occupants where each room conforms to a theme.

The living spaces bathe in sunlight pouring through the floor to ceiling windows. Something young, fun and casual was what the client wanted, and Amritha may have given them just that. Step in and explore.

About the project

Who lives here: a young couple with their two kids, and their relative, who is a make-up artist
Location: Mumbai
Size: 4-BHK apartment
Designed by: Amritha Karnakar
Design brief: something young, fun and casual
Design aesthetic: simple yet quirky with a splash of color in every room

Living + Dining

There are many standout pieces in the living + dining area. Take, for instance, the mustard yellow leather sofa or the natural wooden partition between the foyer and the living. In the dining room, the designer opted for driftwood chandeliers to give the open space a dramatic effect. This iconic pair of lights is what first drew me to this home.  On the other side of the dining is the weathered red console adding a bright touch.

Amritha tempered the wall treatment with a dull gray texture to tie all these signature furniture + lighting elements together.

The yellow leather sofa brings in a degree of formality and sophistication to the formal living space. The balcony frames the scenic views.
Decor tip: Use one bright colored furniture in a confined space for a dramatic effect.
The red credenza provides a pop of color to the gray living room. To match the wall texture, a crackled red effect is added to the furniture piece.


There are four bedrooms in the house each designed based on a particular theme.  But, the design is modern with enough quirky elements of their own. So when you navigate through the house, it does not feel drastically different from one another. The colour schemes may vary but the simple + fun + quirky approach unites them all.

The son’s room is based on Batman theme with black and yellow being the predominant colours. The main wall has a concrete like texture, while the furniture is all black. Isn’t that plane-shaped shelf over the study table unconventional and fun ?

The wall treatment is Asian Paints concrete texture. Yellow shipping container boxes are used as side tables.

The master bedroom has a charming English feel to it, thanks to the pleasant vintage  floral blue wallpaper.

The master bedroom has a vintage yet elegant, calming vibe.

The daughter’s room is modeled on the theme — “up in the air”.   Onion pink walls serve as the backdrop for a white house shaped bed with an upper play area. The cupboards are in shapes of houses as well. The walls have white cloud shaped storage boxes with stars all over to give it the dreamy floating feel. The central light is in the shape of a balloon.  This is the kind of fairy-tale bedroom a girl would wish for.

Pink leather upholstered chair to go with the room’s theme.
The sea foam blue on the walls is complemented on one side by a large industrial mirror and on the other side by a hanging caged light with a planter in it.

Image Courtesy: Studio Kunal Bhatia




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