This Stereotype-defying Bungalow Is an Ode to Classic Design

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This Stereotype-defying Bungalow Is an Ode to Classic Design
A traditional foyer with brass knobs, hand painted mirror, hanging lamps and urli.

Sloping roofs? Check.

Wooden rafters? Check.

Hand painted mirrors? Oh, yes.

This 1,400 sq.ft bungalow in Vadodara designed by Mitul and Mehul Shah of Studio Yamini checks all the boxes for classical design elements one would often found in yesteryear homes.  It defies the stereotypical matchbox / cubical structure of modern homes.

“Let the house reflect our simple way of living” was the brief the home owners gave the architects to work with.  The architects took cues from the Indian way of living and coupled it with modern comforts in this simple house.

About the project:

Who lives here: parents with their two children
Location: Nilamber Palms, Vadodara
Size: 1,423 sq.ft
Type: 4 BHK Bungalow
Designed by: Ar. Mitul Shah and Ar. Mehul Shah

The home opens up to a wooden console in the foyer that has brass handles and traditional accessories like brass hangings and brass urli. The walls throughout house are painted white to give an illusion of space.

Minimal living room with bright yellow and red colored sofas and exposed brick wall.

This house was completed in the year 2012. Vitrified floor tiles, a much preferred flooring option then, has been used in most parts of the house. The red and yellow sofas well complement the otherwise neutral backdrop of floors and walls. The brick patterns in the living room walls give an amalgamated modern and antique look.

The floating false ceiling with indirect lights generates enchanted aura in the living room.

The kitchen is simple, functional modular one that has neatly segregated areas with ample storage space.  A wooden breakfast counter with Corian top and hanging lights exudes indulgence and comfort in every contour.

A functional modular kitchen with Corian top breakfast nook.


The wooden trellis acts as the partition between living and dining spaces.

The dining table is finished in veneer with lacquer polish. 

Commenting on the challenges of this project, Mehul says:

The residents of the house and the grandparents had very varied tastes; thus, it
was very challenging to incorporate each and everyone’s tastes and give a
harmonious and organic design.

Master Bedroom

The four-post bed in the master bedroom gives a sense of nostalgia to the space with the rafters on the top and a wooden trellis in the headboard. The headboard behind the bed has a wooden trellis which magnifies the look of the four-post bed. The slopping roof magnifies the space.

The floral blinds for windows in pastel colors blends with the overall colour scheme of the room.

The kids room has a pop of yellow and green making the entire room very bright and playful. The room has been designed to respect their individual spaces but also encourage a close and healthy bonding between the kids thus, giving separate beds but a common study table.

The parent’s bedroom has a sloping gable roof. Taking advantage of this architectural feature,  the ceiling has been designed along its geometry. The wooden slots in groves lends it a modern touch. 

Fact File:

Lights: Trix
Paints: Asian paints
Sofas: Warwick
Dining table: custom made according the design
Flooring tiles: Nitco

Image Courtesy: Tejas Shah



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