An Apartment With Sliding Walls

This Ahmedabad apartment designed by Projects 3.14 is a fine example of flexible architecture, of fluid spaces; one where internally walls are not cast in stone permanently to delineate functions and spaces. It’s not often you come across a project of limited square footage like this that comfortably squeezes in as much as this one does.

About the project:

Who lives here: a young couple with their 7 year old son
Location: Ahmedabad
Year built: 2016
Size: 1050 sq ft
Type: apartment with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
Designed by:  Noopur Shah, Project Head, Projects3.14

Noopur expands on the brief from the clients, ”

It was a conventional 3-BHK apartment that the builder provided. The client wanted us to rework on the layout of the house considering their family structure. They wanted their kid to be more involved with the family rather than creating a kid’s bedroom where he spends most of his time. Also, they wanted pops of colours in all rooms.

The family comprises of the young couple, their mother, and seven-year-old son.

Let’s be honest. 1,050 sq.ft is not tiny to be classified as a micro home, and yet, not large enough to be called a mansion.  Thanks to the architect’s vision, the modest footprint of the house folds and unfolds (literally) as per needs to make room during the day and create privacy in the night.

The living room opens up into the balcony and children’s bedroom , as you can see in the picture below. Noopur says they knocked down this wall and replaced it with a sliding cum folding louvered shutters for both the rooms – the balcony and children’s bedroom. This gives the perception of a longer living room. 

Sliding Walls in the Living

A modern apartment designed by Projects 3.14 makes more room within a limited space.
The compact living room when the louvers to the balcony and children’s bedroom are closed.

Out of the two sets of folding louvered doors, one opens up to the balcony and the other opens next to the kid’s study space. Once the doors are open the living room becomes a much larger space where multiple activities can take place simultaneously.

Also, the louvered doors work wonderfully for the harsh sunlight of Ahmedabad during summer afternoons.  

On the other end of the living room is the dining area. The dining room/bar has a planter that acts as a partition, but the cozy sofa style seat on one side makes it an extension of the living room.

A sneak peek of the balcony and the children’s room when the louvers are partially open.
Opening the sliding louvered shutters fully opens up the living room for entertaining.
A compact TV unit. The louvered woodwork pattern continues throughout the house.

Kid’s Bedroom

It is an extension of the living room with a sleeping den for the kid. The raised platform bed has open shelf to store games and books. The cupboard has collapsible study desk.  The lights were customized for this space with hand painted curtains with the “space” theme along with “galactic” lights on the ceiling.

One corner of the children’s room is reserved for a study table while the bed is to the right.
Kid’s bedroom with storage for books underneath.
Another bedroom. Ink blue is a vibrant colour theme that is repeated across the home.


Noopur adds, “the clients insisted on having different color  schemes in each room. This gave us confidence in using different materials like the blue tiles for the kitchen and treated cork ceiling along with corten steel shutters.” 

Don’t you love these blue tiles in the kitchen? Bohemian look.

Product Sources

Cushions : India Circus
Paints: Asian Paints
Furnishings: D Decor
Sofas: Custom
Dining chairs : Urban Ladder

Photograph courtesy for the images: Kunal Bhatia

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