Is there anyone here who lives in Indira Nagar? There’s a reason I love the place : it’s a powerhouse of creative people who make lovely pottery and murals that makes you stop and take notice. Madhu Chandrika, an alumnus of Chitra Kala Parishath, is one such artistic lady – the person behind Earthen Symphony.

Earthen Symphony is hidden away from the much-happening 100 ft. road, though not quite far from it. It’s another sad story that beautiful bungalows and single shops on 100 ft. road have given way to swanky global retail brands like Guess.

The store stocks a impressive collection of pottery, lamps, storage boxes, Ganeshas, shades, mirrors, furniture and glass top stools. Prices range from Rs.350 for small pots and go all the way up to 40,000 for large mural installations. The wall pieces are available from Rs.1,100.

What impresses me in such stores is that the owner has an interesting story behind every piece. And it’s hard to miss the positive energy and passion of the person flowing through. All pieces are handmade at her workshop in Banaswadi.

I kept staring at every pot, clicking pictures from different angles and felt it over and over for its texture. Images of Confluence keep flashing in my mind when I see these murals. Shades or orange, brown and red are favorites among potters. But what sets Earthen Symphony apart is a whole range of things you can gift someone or deck up your home with. I didn’t see any nameplates in particular but I’m sure you can get it custom made.

Did you notice the Ganesha mural and the black and white pot?

Loved that storage box. It’s small and compact.

Now that’s something. A long mural like that would look great in a lengthy hallway.  Smaller ones are ideal for a foyer.

Hope you enjoyed the store tour of Earthen Symphony.

How to get there: If you are on 100 ft. road going towards Old Airport Road, take a right at Sony Center. Drive straight till the dead end. At the junction on the opposite side, you will find the store. Another landmark is to look for the BDA park at the dead end.

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All images shot by me at Earthen Symphony with permission from the owner.


  1. Jayati Gupta

    I visited Earten Sympone this weekend and it was simply mindblowing. What a tasteful collection they have. This is one store wich I really liked a lot after a lot of R&D in several Blore stores on Wall accessories. We are getting a Mural installed at our home. A must visit..

  2. laksh

    That’s nice to know, Jayati. What kind of mural have you opted for?

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