A Snug Apartment in the City

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Sung House

Most Mumbai apartments come in two variations: ones with modest square footage or sprawling ones with a spectacular view.  This apartment of 1050 sq. ft housing a family of four falls under the first category. Designers have to be at their creative best to make a small space work in order to accommodate storage needs and make it  visually appealing.

It was a blessing in disguise for this family as the designers – Bhumika and Chintan of Limited Edition Design Studio – were immediate family. Many things with respect to choices and lifestyle go unsaid when you are family. Aptly termed “The Snug House”, the house uses neutral tones for wall color and paneling, and is comfy and warm from the liberal use of solid wood for flooring and wardrobe shutters.

About the project

Who lives here: a family of four; the client and his wife with his two grown up sons.

Location: Vile Parle, Mumbai

Year built: 2017

Size: 1050 sq.ft

Type: apartment with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms

Designed by: Bhumika Patel and Chintan Patel of Limited Edition Design Studio

Photograph courtesy for the images: Photographix India

Elaborating on the brief from the  client, Bhumika says,

The clients were our uncle’s family. Uncle and aunt live with their two sons in their mid twenties. They run a family business together and often travel for work .

We were quite well versed with their choices and the requirements. They wanted a space where they could all relax at the end of day . Good amount of storage space and easy to maintain home was at the top of their priorities.

Foyer + Living

The main door opens up to a mini foyer beyond which is the living room with the dining on the right and kitchen on the left. At the other end of the living room is a natural passage formed by the opening to the three bedrooms.  First, to the left is the master bedroom followed by their sons’ bedrooms.

The living room is a good rectangular one with a foyer. So, they divided the two interconnected spaces by making the foyer dark and the living room light.

The foyer has a huge oak-finished console unit with custom-made angled 3d shutters. A round golden mirror placed on the wall above it greets visitors. Light grey flooring is used in living room and kitchen .

The TV wall on the left is finished in linear paneling in shades of grays accompanied by a wooden unit. A part of the paneling also doubles up as a storage space for crockery near dining table.  The space-saving 6-seater curvilinear sofa sits in one corner, while an accent chair is placed between the dining and the sofa.

Dining + Kitchen

The dinning area is a part of the living room, positioned right opposite to the kitchen entry. On one side is a diner style sofa seating with chairs on the other side. The entire dining wall is finished in maroon leather. The custom made dining table is made of walnut wood with the top comprising two solid walnut blocks.

It’s a parallel kitchen with both the platforms and dados finished in blue alaska granite . The bottom shutters are made of laminate while the top ones are made of  back painted glass.


All the bedrooms are equipped with full height wardrobes, storage bed and a dressing mirror to maximize storage within the limited space.

Master bedroom is defined by solid wooden flooring, blue suede headboard and rose beige back painted glass wardrobe.
Natural grain and knot on oak wood enhance the beauty of the room. Grey solid wooden flooring adds more warmth to the room.

The younger son’s bedroom was designed keeping in mind his taste for simpler things and his love for wood. A simple wall paneling on the wall behind the bed continues onto the bathroom door which is between bed and wardrobe . The headboard, wardrobe shutters and tv unit are all made of solid oak wood.

A low height platform bed for entertaining friends that also doubles up as the bedroom.

Bhumika says, ” Our cousin wanted a  seating space where he and his friends could chill. So, we created a corner low height platform bed which provided more seating space than a regular bed. It not only made the area look visually larger than it is , but also created extra space for hanging out.  Using single wood from floor to wall tied up the whole room together. In Mumbai suburbs, when the area is limited and the storage needs high,  we ensure every inch of the space is utilized by creating full height dressing mirror with storage.”

Fact File:

Lights: V lights

Paints: ICA paints and Asian paints

Furnishings: Marshalls

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