Inside a Pin-worthy Apartment with a Spectacular Sea View
a beautiful patterned-tile balcony that stretches as far as eyes can see

Every mediocre space gets pinned these days. But, there were times, when a space had to be up there on a visual quotient to go viral on Pinterest; the one that subconsciously made your fingers hit the Pin It icon ~ to be saved for posterity.  This colorful Mumbai apartment is Pin-worthy in the real sense for all its rooms — from the balcony to the patio.

Designed by Studio s w a + p for a family with two young kids, the 2,500 sq.ft apartment has everything the heart desires — from an incredible sea view to lush greenery  and a patio — all in a city where space comes at jaw dropping rates.

The main door opens up into the patio.
The customized Radha Krishna art work in the patio opens up into the living room. The highlight of this space is the white and yellow marble flooring.

About the project

Who lives here:  a  young couple and their two kids
Location: Cuffe Parade, Mumbai
Year built: 2018
Size: 2,500 sq.ft
Type: an apartment with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
Designed by: Studio s w a + p (Ar. Tejas Sawant and Ar. Janhvi Wadke Sawant)
Image courtesy: Gautam Paradke


The passage connecting patio to living room has an access to a den cum library. The back of the door is painted with books to camouflage and merge with the adjoining book shelf.

The living room is dressed in soothing pastel shades with a feature wall done in stone.


The room is dominated by a pastel shade world map showing the major cities of all the countries with time zones.
The kids room is decorated in neon green and blue splashes against a white backdrop and light coloured wood.
The master bedroom is predominantly in white and wood.

The balcony with its patterned tiles stretching as far as the eyes can see has a magnetic effect. When I first saw it, it felt as if I was looking down at the corridor of a hotel in Goa. But, here we are bang in the middle of the city with a view of the Arabian Sea, which is the apartment’s biggest draw. That should give a sense of the opulence of this home in Mumbai.

It’s not the first time we’ve featured a sprawling Mumbai apartment here. But, ever so often, they are luxuriously decorated to reflect the king size life in terms of space. This home, on the other hand, wears a pared-down look  that is modern and playful.

Home to a family of four, the couple work in multinational companies; the kids are aged 10 and 12.  The main challenge was to create a balance between not making it look too quirky and yet making it look young and stylish.

The designers used  marble and white painted wood as the primary materials throughout the house. All the furniture  was treated with PU colour coats and polished veneer surfaces. Wall paintings and writes up by professional wall artists were also done in parts of the house. A customized stone texture near the dining area is a feature in the living room.

The writing on the wall and a framed print of House Rules are the sort of stuff one Pins. The over-sized wall to wall world map with a pointer of all the major cities in the world is another focal point.

Fact File

Lights: Tej Lights, Customized lights,
Paints: Asian Paints, Jotun.
Furnishings: D’ decor
Sofas: Sanjar Furniture.
Dining table: Custom made.
Flooring tiles: Cambay Stones, Raj Darshan stones, Krsna Mehta customized tiles.
Bath Fitting: Queo, Jaguar artize.
Outdoor furniture: Interblocco furniture.


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