A Bright & Cheery Mumbai Apartment

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I was magnetically drawn to the turquoise and fuchsia colours in the apartment. This pre-owned apartment that is now home to a small family gets a bright, cheery and refreshing update from Da Namah Design Studio, a Mumbai based interior design firm.

There is one strikingly different aspect about this project: colorful furnishings and prints that amazingly perks up one’s mood and a rush of positive energy. Ever so often, you see homes photographed  in neutral shades of white and grey. But, by draping the bed in liberal amounts of neon colours, the house screams Indian and I’m sure you’ll love it.

 About the project:

Who lives here: a family of three. Retired parents and their daughter who is an orthodontist.

Location: Andheri East, Mumbai

Built up area: 1,400 sq. ft.

Year built: 2017

Type: 2 BHK apartment

Designed by: Namrataa Shetty & Neil Cresto of Da Namah design studio.

Photo credit: Photographix | Sebastian + Ira

This pre-owned house in suburban Mumbai belongs to the Shetty family. The retired couple live with their  daughter, a practicing orthodontist.  The designers had to modify the layout of the home by making room for a pooja room in the kitchen and a brunch counter in the passage area.

Sometimes reworking layouts by doing away a wall or creating one can make room for spaces like pooja room or powder room that are not there in the original plan.

A Bright & Chee
Living room with abstract art. 
contemporary living room with minimal furniture and a blue accent chair.
A contemporary living room with minimal furniture and a blue accent chair.

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Wooden molding is fixed onto the wall and painted in gray.  The dining table top is made of Crema marfil marble.
Quartz counter top for kitchen and back painted acrylic for shutters.
The bar counter top is made of Lexi grey marble.
Gold leafing is used for temple and the brunch/bar counter panel.
Master bedroom with a refreshing vibrant colour palette from the furnishings. The muted backdrop gives it the flexibility to change the look with that of the furnishings.
A customized blue-and-white wallpaper for TV panel that extends to the bathroom.

The daughter’s bedroom continues the wooden batten theme in the passage area.

Namrataa says,

What we loved was that it was a 2-BHK, yet not very cramped, unlike other 2BHKs in the city these days.

The client was pretty clear that they wanted a house where every inch was utilized smartly without compromising on the look. They wanted a house that was timeless.

If you look closely you will notice that the mainstays like wall paneling and wall colours are predominantly gray or neutral that pair well with wood and marble.

When I asked Namrataa about her choice of gray as the primary colour, she explained,

We believe grey is the new white. It has always been our favorite color as its neutral and acts as a canvas that can hold any color or finish like wood aesthetically.  It gives the desired cozy look to the bedroom and adds an elite look if used interestingly in a living room.

This gives the family the flexibility to change the look with furnishings however they want in the future.  When you use rich quality materials like marble, it is timeless.

Product Sources

Flooring for living room, passage area & kitchen – Lady grey marble.

Bedrooms: wooden flooring

Kitchen counter top – Quartz

Kitchen cabinet shutters – Back-painted acrylic.

Counter top for living room and bar counter: Lexi grey marble

Centre table & dining table: Crema marfil  marble

Wardrobes & passage area paneling: veneer

Temple & brunch / bar counter panel: gold leafing

TV unit in daughter’s bedroom: Flex stone brick wall cladding

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