Nirat: A Modern House Deeply Rooted in Geometric Elements

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Seen from the curb, this unassuming modern residence sitting at the intersection of two busy thoroughfares in Vadodara, appears as a cluster of concrete cubes. The 5,000 sq.ft bungalow, named “Nirat” which literally means satisfied, has been designed by Usine Studio for a business family.

Contentment is a state we all, as humans, aspire to attain irrespective of our social status.  Free of clutter and irrelevant frills, the house has set a good foundation to foster the feelings of inner peace and fulfillment.

Project Details:

Who lives here: a businessman and his family

Location: Vadodara

Built-up Area: 5000 Sq. Ft.

Type: a house with

Architects: Yatin Kavaiya & Jiten Tosar of Usine Studio

Design Team: Divyesh Padhiyar

Photo Credit: Tejas Photography

PMC: Mayur Thakkar

Artist: Dixit Panchal & Himanshi Patwa

Built in: 2019

The architecture of the house is deeply rooted in geometric shapes that gets reinforced in subtle ways in furniture and artwork in the interiors as well. The overlapping cubes in the exterior are complemented by an artwork of intersecting triangles on the stairway, interjecting circular center tables, a gallery wall of lotus flowers and leaves akin to pie shape, a rhomboid patterned headboard, chevron rugs and rectangular chandeliers; even the shadows play along forming an interesting pattern of hexagons on the steps.

And, this is only a teeny bit of the geometric decor in the house evident at first glance. Look closely, and you will be amazed by the details – ceiling pattern, wall paneling to cushion covers and bar counter.

Usine studio
The entrance faces the south-west direction. The newly planted tress are expected to provide privacy and shade from the scorching sun when they grow in a few years.
Walled entrance leads to this landscaped grassy lawn. The steps open up into the foyer. The warm yellow wall stands as both, a welcome and a religious tribute; the latter being further underlined by a set of Pichhwai paintings.
French windows opening to the garden drowns the living room in natural light.  The plain painted wall acts as the murky water giving life to the white lotuses and green leaves, in ceramic, referencing the classic Pichhwai floral. The piece was conceptualized by Dixit Panchal and made by Artist Kavita.
A cluster of chandeliers illuminates the stairway shaft. Notice the different geometric decor elements coming together harmoniously.

A peek into the hallway from the bedroom.
Home office for those rare occasions when work coming knocking home. Family entertainment room. The yellow rug is from Jaipur Rugs.

The 5,000 square feet of living space accommodates a living room, dining area, four bedrooms, a family office, an entertainment area and a covered terrace.

The architects say,

The spatial layout personifies a lifestyle that is rooted in conventional values with a longing for the new. For instance, the clients did not require separate formal and informal living rooms, as is the trend

Beyond the walled entrance lies a manicured grassy lawn with garden furniture. This landscaped area pushes the main building inside by a few meters giving it much needed privacy and protection from the heat onslaught in summers.

A flight of steps from the garden opens up into the foyer that also doubles up as a space to meet with frequent work-related visitors.  The house is adorned with many allusions to Pichhwai art, which is a form of devotional art found on cloth or paper with the purpose of narrating tales of Lord Krishna to the illiterate.

French doors in the living room open to the garden. Across the living room is the dining area and the master bedroom.

Commenting on the open plan of teh dining cum kitchen, the architect adds,

The passage separating the foyer and the living room adjoins the kitchen and opens into the dining space. We designed the white finished partition of this passage with  a meticulous slit that allows covert views from the cooking station into the living room: one can always know how many cups of tea should be underway.

Right above it, the ceiling is set with amber colored glass drop chandeliers suspended from translucent fabric boxes. These drops are reminiscent of Lord Krishna’s beloved peacock feathers and the light from them animates the otherwise sparse dining space.

The ground floor has a guest bedroom that is done in a clean and unencumbered manner to let the room feel more spacious. A combination of fabric paneling with three different patterns in gray and white covers the entire wall.

The material palette for the master bedroom, on the upper level, is much more diverse and richly textured. The central feature wall is composed of large coffee brown tiles with a gold-sheeted rectangular recession fronted with a leather-bound headrest. The room also accommodates a seating area with a fawn colored sofa. Floor to ceiling height windows flood the room with natural light.

Their young son’s room dons a gray sandstone-finish laminate paired with geometric graphics and a hint of clean wooden details.

The common spaces of the house flaunt more geometric abstractions underpinned with Pichhwai art. For instance, a landing wall near the staircase is fixed with a triangulated mural depicting Indian flowers over  wooden and green tiles. The staircase itself is bathed in a playful sciography of hexagonal cutouts that moves with sun’s time.

The second floor houses a chic family office for the times when work comes home. The office is muted in terms of color palette. The family entertainment room, on the same floor, is rendered in a soft gray with bursts of yellow and blackened wood. This space spills out into a gazebo with shadows again at play over the cozy gray and yellow set-up.

Ultimately Nirat, with its clean straight-edged massing and keenly defused insides, is bespoke with an air of laid back charm and nonchalant luxury. It becomes reverent to traditions at one place and opens up for new ones at another; which is a value many homes yearn for.

Product Sources:

Flooring: Italian marble

Wall Cladding: Italian Stone, wall paint, texture, wood panels & Neolith

Interior Finishes: Italian Stone, wall paint, texture, wood, glass & textile

Light Fixtures: HYBEC

Sanitary Fixtures: Kohler

Furniture & Décor: Customised

Soft Furnishings: Aavaran



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