Sparsh Villa

Officially named Sparsh, this 4,789 sq.ft villa cloaked in turquoise colour has been designed by ACE Associates as a show home for CJ Realty in Nadiad, Gujarat. The modern architectural facade of the home belies the traditional interiors that awaits prospective buyers inside. Designed and built with the clarity of luring future residents, one can safely say the goal for a traditional Indian style house has been fulfilled.

Project Details

Location: Nadiad, Gujarat

Size: 4,789 sq.ft

Type:  Indian style house comprising 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms on two levels

Year built: 2019

Designed by: ACE ASSOCIATES for CJ Realty

Image courtesy: Tejas Shah Photography

The home has been so beautifully conceptualized that it would take copious amounts of self-control to not be lured into buying if budget is not a constraint. I’ve often said that it gets even more tricky to design a home when the square footage is large because the ambition gets lofty with endless choices.

The design is unmistakably traditional India with a modern interpretation. For instance, take the jharokha-style niches in the foyer, the extra large Ganesha paintings that bring many a room to life, or the arches in the bedroom add a royal touch.

Public zones: Living + Dining

A feature wall in the entrance with striking blue Jharokha-style (traditional Indian overhanging balconies) niches. The niches serve as a showcase for ornamental wall-mounted hand statuettes.
A feature wall in the entrance with striking blue Jharokha-style (traditional Indian overhanging balconies) niches. The niches serve as a showcase for ornamental wall-mounted hand statuettes.
The turquoise sofas mirror the blue niches in the foyer. A recessed backlit wall niche with sculptural metal wall art defines the feature wall.

Dining + Kitchen

The dining area visually continues the color scheme of the living space.

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The kitchen is relatively simple white white gloss / matt finish cabinetry and blue mosaic tiles.

Private Zones: Lounge + Bedrooms

A hand painted wall in the master bedroom.
This master bedroom on the ground floor features a moss green wall – a tree with yellow blossoms. It has been hand-painted by an artist & the chocolate-toned headboard has a restrained appeal, while the jade-hued, floral-print scatter cushions are a fitting reflection of the feature wall overhead.
The lobby on the first floor with a Mediterranean style arch.
Family lounge on the first floor. highlight of this space is this Mediterranean style arch.
A sweeping, backlit arch is matched by a square-shaped recessed wall alcove on the adjacent wall.
A coastal-style escapade bedroom in the first floor dressed in shades of cobalt.
Vanilla walls and deep wood finishes cocoon the bedroom in classic style, imposing, four-poster bed.
A corner bedroom in kids room with grey furniture and color popping headboard.

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The house is an amalgamation of several styles with the most prominent being traditional.

The architect says,

We wanted to use a plethora of themes for different rooms instead of limiting to a particular style. To achieve this, We used a variety of wall & flooring materials and designs, and experimented with wooden panels and different types of tiles. The walls too, display an assortment of textures and finishes. Each room became a canvas for new inspiration.

The main door opens into a beige-toned foyer characterized by the Jharokha style niches in turquoise shade. The foyer then flows into the living room which continues the beige and taupe color palette.

The living room comprises of a set of eye-popping turquoise sofas that mirror the blue wall niches of the foyer. The bright colors are offset by a floral-print wing chairs. The space also sports a recessed backlit wall niche with sculptural metal wall art.

In the dining area, a wooden table is surrounded by a bench and chairs. The cyan upholstery reinforces the blue tones of the foyer and living room. The space steps up the color scheme by incorporating bolder, brighter hues like cranberry, canary yellow and navy blue, in the way of pendant lamps and artwork.

Turning left from dining, we enter into soothing contemporary style kitchen engaging with white gloss/matt finish cabinets enlighten by blue mosaic tiles at back.

The ground floor houses one master bedroom and the first floor has another three along with a family lounge. The bedroom on the ground floor has a hand-painted moss green wall of tree and flowers. The flooring is from Varmora Granito. The wall art in this bedroom perfectly complements the warm wood grain of the furniture. Together, the aesthetic channels the colors of the forest.

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One of my favorite bedrooms in the house is the cobalt-colored bedroom on the first floor and the lounge area that is done in Mediterranean style. Anytime one feels like taking a vacation, the lounge and the bed room will provide that escapade, thanks to the coastal vibes.  This room has a mélange of brilliant blue and crisp white furnishings. With distressed cobalt furniture, mirrored wall accents and exposed brick walls, the room is decidedly unfussy yet chic.

Another bedroom on the first floor is decorated in classic style with a four-poster bed. Crimson and sapphire blue accent pillows adorn the plain bed. A pair of simple paintings flank the headboard, adding a subdued dose of color to the space.

Product Sources

Lights: Philips & custom made by ACE

Paints: Asian Paints

Furnishings: Custom made

Sofas: Custom made

Dining table: Custom made

Flooring tiles: Varmora Granito

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