How often we find ourselves at a total loss of ideas to give a apt gift to someone for a good occasion! If you have a creative side that needs to be pleased, then waste no time and head over to Quirko. I’m very happy at this discovery. To make things easy, it’s an online shop with products priced in a affordable range. As the name suggests, you will find only quirky products. There’s something for every one and every part of the house including the loo.

Everything about the site is quirky: font, captions, layout, color scheme and of course, the products.

This tissue roll is called “Strip tease by happily unmarried”. :)

Excuse me for the profanity but couldn’t resist it :) For a change, enrich your brain with this informative book instead of the newspaper.

At Rs.198, this tin filled with chocolates is a steal.

Can you spot the teeny-tiny people?

Oh well..just head over to the site and browse through.

Time waster alert: don’t you tell me I didn’t warn you if you happen to spend more than 10 minutes :)

Image courtesy: Quirko

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