5 Home Centre Sofas on Sale for Under Rs. 50,000

This post is a shortlist of select 5 Home Centre Sofas that will liven up your living room. Who knew buying a sofa would be an overwhelming, store-hopping, and time consuming exercise?

One of the toughest decisions in furnishing for us has been to buy a sofa for the living room because everyone in the family has a say.  We are divided on that single piece of furniture where we rest our rear as we can’t seem to agree on the colour, size, comfort, or style. 

And when everything is perfect, the price isn’t.

This must be every family’s saga, too.

All the boys care about is the comfort of a recliner and yes, even the child has an opinion! After a year of procrastination, I would like to make the most of the sale season now that I call the genuine sale. Every other sale during the year, the prices are first jacked to unrealistic levels and then slashed.

I’m excited about the options available on Home Centre now and narrowed it down to 5 sofas under Rs.50,000. Going to the store directly and then trying different options gets confusing for me from a style and colour perspective. So I feel this works better as I get to see around the house and then narrow down on colour choices.

From a price point of view, I think these 5 are a good balance between aesthetics, comfort and price. So here is my shortlist. Of course, it will pass the test only when we sink in and resist the urge to get up!

Fancy Two-Seater Full Leather 62″ Sofa for Rs.44,950

Full leather two seater home centre sofa
Full leather sofa from home centre

This tan colored full leather sofa in solid wood frame is the shortest width wise of them all. But, it made it to the top of my list for its elegant color that will give a sophisticated look to any living room. It scores high on styling; the slight incline of the backrest will add to the comfort factor. It will never go out of style and the compact piece is a perfect fit for apartments.

Winchester Three-Seater 82″ Sofa for Rs. 49,608

home centre sofa

Not as classy colour wise as the fancy leather sofa, but I love it for its sweeping arms.  I tend to nap on the sofa a lot which makes a piece like this comfortable to sink in anytime of the day.  With an ideal depth of 38 inches, the sofa has the perfect build to sit comfortably. The neutral beige colour will blend into any decor with ease.

Akron Three-Seater 81″ Sofa for Rs. 36,950

Artificial leather 3-seater sofa home centre

I’m not usually a fan of fabric or white colored sofas for the maintenance challenges that come with it in a dust-laden country like India. But, I couldn’t look past this one for its plush backrest, seating and arm rest. It’s a modern and timeless addition to any living room. And versatile enough to change the look in a jiffy with the addition of a few bright colored cushions and rug.  It’s the perfect one for a room with grey walls.

Lamcy Three-Seater 80″ Sofa for Rs.50,800

Fabrice three-seater 80" home centre sofa
A 3-seater sofa from Home Centre

The son is a big fan of Ashley fabric sofas as he says nothing beats them in comfort and the feel of fabric against your skin. As much as I’d like to, I can’t dispute that keeping the spill and stain nightmares aside.  If I ever to go with a fabric sofa ever, I would choose this one. The seat cushions are removable.  The length is perfect for a mid-day nap.  Add a few bright textiles to work around this neutral coloured sofa.

Montoya Three-Seater 70″ Home Centre Sofa for Rs. 32,920
three seater leather home centre sofa

This is a no-frill, classic, beige colored leather sofa on deep discount. It was almost an after-thought addition, but when I looked at the specifications, it was a must-add. With a good depth of seating and neck rest, the build is more formal. So if you’re looking to nap, this may not be your choice but for everything else it is your best bet within a modest budget.

The  current black sofa we have is a two-seater 72″ from Damro but nothing beats its comfort as you sink into it. One of the reasons I got it reupholstered  last year when nothing fit our budget.  From a comfy recliner to a wooden sofa for aesthetics, the reasons for choosing one are weird and varied.  I hope you find your piece this season!


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