Lighting can elevate your decor or push it into the shadows. I learned this the hard way by focusing all our efforts and money on furniture, wardrobe and furnishings, and not including lighting as part of a holistic design. Rookie mistake.

Even if your interiors are mediocre, good lighting has the power to shine, literally, your home. So do allocate at least 15% of your interior costs for lighting. And yes, a single space will need different kinds such as spot lights, chandeliers, wall lamps because they are for different purposes.

This post is a collection of 15 lighting ideas for your dining region, the one where you entertain people the most, from the homes featured on the blog. You will notice that the lights largely blend with the colour and theme of the home. They do not look out of place. If the interiors are modern, the lights will be, too.

#1 Cluster of Lights

15 Dining Room Lighting Ideas
A cluster of lights over the dining table. IC: Nikhil Patel

This dining space was designed by Inceppt Design Studio for a young couple in Vapi. The well-traveled couple wanted a luxurious feel to their home.

#2 Metal and Glass Chandelier

Chandelier over the dining table. IC: Ira Gosalia of Photographix India

This dining space is part of a timeless apartment in Mumbai designed by Studio Kreate. Neutral, subdued, and elegant in shades of beige, gray, and white, the centerpiece lighting over the dining table is a stand out.

#3 Fabric Drum Pendant Lighting

Drum pendants over the dining table. IC: Tejas Shah

This dining space is part of a show apartment designed by ACE Associates. Decorated in shades of turquoise to blend in with the theme of the rest of the house with vibrant colored drum pendants, the colours pop out.

#4 Glass Pendant

The dining area comprises of a 6-seater dining table with a storage unit in the backdrop and a bar adjacent to the dining area. IC: Photographix India

Designed by Vista Architects. Patterned veneer has been used for the ceiling with a good contrast of white statuario on the floor. The cluster of glass pendants complements the wood.

#5 Globe Pendant

IC: Photographix India

A sung apartment in Mumbai designed by Limited Edition Design Studio. A diner style sofa seating with chairs on the other side. The entire dining wall is finished in maroon leather. The custom made dining table is made of walnut wood with the top comprising two solid walnut blocks.

#7 Contemporary White Pendants

IC: The Crossboundaries 

A modern penthouse that dares to bare exposed concrete walls – designed by The Crossboundaries. The pair of modern lights are from Ikea.

#8 Metallic Chandelier

IC: Kunal Bhatia

A quirky cool Mumbai apartment designed by Amritha Karnakar. In the dining room, the designer opted for driftwood chandeliers to give the open space a dramatic effect. This iconic pair of lights is what first drew me to this home.  On the other side of the dining is the weathered red console adding a bright touch.

#9 Turkish Style Lamps

Wall mounted TV unit accompanied by a console table
IC: Veeram Shah and Prachi Khasgiwala for Aangan Architects

Design by Aangan Architects. The apartment is replete with arches, niches, blue furniture – signature of the Mediterranean region, and Moroccan style lamps to complete the authentic look.

#10 Sleek and Minimal Lamps

A Nordic style dining room with an industrial feel to it
IC: Kunal Bhatia

A Nordic style apartment designed by Workshop Inc. The minimal, no ornate circular wall lamps over the breakfast nook is in tune with the Nordic theme.

#11 Accordion Lamps

IC:  Photographix  India

A Mumbai apartment with enviable views of the Arabian Sea and Marine Drive. Designed by Mitul Shah of Studio Yamini.

#12 Blue Ornate Pendant Light

IC: Hiren Raval Photography

Designed by Vipul Patel Associates. Even though this was a model apartment, it has been designed with a lot of thought and taste. The ornate pooja room door, partially seen here, with bells and lotus motifs and the accompanying dining room are undoubtedly showstoppers. Blue, as the theme colour, runs subtly across the apartment. It has again be used for the pendant light here.

#13 Metal Chandelier


This free-spirited apartment designed by MuseLAB for one of the founders’ family was one of their first projects and a showcase of sorts. Every piece including the chandelier over the dining table are signature pieces – included as part of the design after several attempts at customization and see if it fits the place. From the shape of the chairs to the credenza, nothing is ordinary in this house.

#14 Criss-cross Linear Lights

IC: Photographix India

An origami inspired apartment by Amit Shastri Architects. A random intersection of lights illuminates the dining space in line with the geometrical theme of the rest of the house.

#15 Minimalist Copper Pendants

IC: studio M

A bold and beautiful renovated apartment by Studio M. The copper pendant lamps over the dining table complement the marble finish table top. The chairs have that rustic wooden grains of the flooring.


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