This holiday bungalow in Lonavala gets its free-spirited design from Hakuna Matata / Lion King. Fancy that! Designed by architect firm Design Inc., this home is part of a high-end bungalow scheme with a neat modern structure that was already in place.

The architects have accentuated the fluid design with quirky pieces of furniture, subdued lighting, and life-size sculptures that seem to have their own conversation going on. It’s a fun place to tour and am sure much more fun for the family to hang out and let their hair down.

Don’t miss the poem at the end which the architects created to guide them through the design.

About the home:

Location: Lonavala

Size: 5,500 – 6000 sft

Time taken to complete: 6 months

Architects: Design Inc – Khushboo and Kunal Khandelwal

Designed by: Tejal Gada, Khushboo and Kunal Khandelwal

Image courtesy: Design Inc – Khushboo Kahndelwal

Architect Khushboo explains,

The clients wanted a holiday home away from the madness of the city – to be able to rejuvenate and relax – a place where one can let their hair down and be a child again, where one can find quiet and laughter in the same place, a place for family and friends – where they could entertain and, at the same time, find peace.

Living + Dining

Snake like yellow sofa for the living room with hexagonal centre tables.

The living space with its funky snake like yellow sofa moves around the hexagonal wooden tables fronting coloured stools, red metal armchairs to form various points of conversations.

A family of red statues with varied arm movements join in the conversations at different points adding to the funk element of the space.

Flying bird lights on the wall indicate continuum and connectivity to the outside. Lazy Bull Dog sculptures on a deep blue carpet set the mood for the place – about leaving ones troubles behind.

A drawer console – have words denoting the attitude of the house on it. Accessories in the form of a vintage telephone, quote boards, a trumpet, colored vases with fresh bougainvillea from the garden all add to the moods of the living space. 

The dining area follows the same aesthetic with black wire lights and black acrylic chairs around a wood top table.

Den at the entry level

The Den at the entry level is designed as a funky space to bring out the child in a person – play board games, a game of pool, darts, foosball, poker- for all ages.

There is nothing serious about this space – it talks of – let’s make mistakes, indulge in follies, and have no pretenses.

The art work on the wall is about travel to varied places, a bookcase behind the multicolored sofa forms the backdrop to this space. A unit with drawers has the British flag on it and takes it the humor further with a gramophone sitting on it.

A purple face chair with black armchairs forms another seating for those wanting to catch a movie.


The large windows across the house take advantage of the natural light – textured shears were used on all windows to let in patterns on the floor during the day.

The ceilings are as crisp as possible because of the use of minimal ceiling spotlights for overall lighting. Instead, lights are used as more accent and statement pieces in the form of camera shape lights, telescopic lights, wireframes, lightbulb lights, birds on the wall, hanging concrete lights in the stairwell etc all to further the drama in the space. 

The master bedroom with the blue statue is balanced with the strung wired color chairs.
The guest bedroom takes in the hues of the outside landscape and the paintings. The colourful wired chairs find a place throughout the house.

Pool + Lawn

Large windows front the lawn and swimming pool where one gets a glimpse of the red statue diving into the pool. This statue sets the mood for the landscaped area by the pool.

A brightly colored horse is the backdrop for white Vondom armchairs and the bar. Planters with bougainvillea add to the outside greens.
This life-size red status sets the mood for a dive into the pool.
Large windows open to the lawn and the pool for a spectacular view from inside.

Now wasn’t that a fun home? They created the following poem that captured the essence of the brief perfectly to guide them through the project:

“Life is too short.. Not to…

Have fun.

Roll on the floor laughing.

Cry while watching a movie.

Hear the leaves around you.

Hug till you smile

Smile without reason.

Sing yourself hoarse.

Jump till you fall.

Play hard till you lose. Love till you live…..Don’t just exist.
Live. Explore. Dream. Laugh. Love. Play. Dream.  Life is too short to be little. Be Big. Be Happy. Make Memories.”

Simple. Clean. Inviting…with a dash of humour and dollops of fun…

Product Sources:

Wall finishes : paint

Flooring – Bottocino Marble (as provided by builder)

Furnishings : Bharat Furnishings

Light Accessories – DeFurn

Furniture – DeFurn, Planters

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    A very soothing color scheme is used while designing this home, this really helps to provide the peaceful environment and rejuvenates your mind for your future problems.

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