Ideas to Style your Living Room

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There’s a home furnishing brand called Vitra I discovered today that I MUST share with you all. The images are so classy that I’m drooling over them. I liked one thing in particular describing their products: “Vitra regards the furnishing of one’s home as a process of collage – a gradual assemblage of products and objects. This is not the same as a coincidental accumulation of things, rather it is a conscious arrangement that grows and changes with regard to both content and style, according to the owner’s individual preferences and circumstances. ” So true, if we regard our homes as a collage of objects we’ve collected over the years – removing the old ones and giving way to new yet still retaining some timeless pieces, then every house would transform into a home reflecting the persona of people living in.

Many homes these days lack that character because it feels as if you are walking into a hotel lobby or a office. Designed and executed by professionals, they don’t exude the warmth or character of people living in. Alright, over to Vitra now.

It’s tough to decide if it’s the photography playing tricks on one’s mind or the products themselves. Why don’t you join me and then decide which one is it?

Don’t you love the array of colors in the room above? Wooden flooring, neat colorful lines. A casual yet chic feel to it. And finally, the best of the lot.

Did you notice the one thing that’s common in these rooms? White walls. Whit works wonders to any room and gives you the freedom to mix and match colors through cushions, rugs, and other styling objects. It’s tough to go wrong with this scheme.

Image courtesy: Vitra



  1. hi, visiting your blog after a long time. want a favour from you. I want to re design my kitchen. it is a galley type kitchen. have some nice ideas?

  2. Finally! My Search for a website for complete housing solution is over! thank you for this wonderful easy- to- do over- the- weekend steps. :) Will be looking out for more articles (Love the way you write these )

  3. Lovely pieces… with clean .lines… ..!! Love the last picture in your post… ! !

    Too bad… They don’t have a dealer in Chennai !!

  4. Stacy Gordon

    No doubt those products look really nice but you just can’t deny the effects that photography can produce. Still, I feel those interiors are beautiful with or without the camera effects.

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