With the onset of spring in US/Europe and summer in India, it’s raining posts on gardening as people get ready to get their hands dirty. That’s how I discovered absolutely beautiful things – a beautiful blog by interior designer and decorating shop (Black & Spiro)  owner Anna Spiro who lives in Brisbane, Australia. If you haven’t seen pictures of fresh produce from her herb garden, I suggest you do. You’ll be tempted to start one no matter how limited space you have.

Her greens are refreshing infectious…

Bringing greenery inside the house goes a long way in giving an immediate facelift to a room. And, I think it’s novel to keep them in the bathroom as well by the side of the window if the area is spacious. In many apartments today, plants don’t thrive well because of lack of sunlight and high humidity.

For space challenged areas, stacking pots in shelves work well. Especially for herb garden where smaller pots will do. It may not be a good idea to try this for flowering plants.

For fresh produce from the backyard, I’ll be more than willing to trade a few things.  Wouldn’t you? :)

What a variety..mix of colors and types. I’m overwhelmed every time I visit a nursery even if it is two times a month. The cravings never end like desserts but there’s only so much space ..

And finally, can’t wait for the Black & Spiro site to be up with fresh collection to drool over such images. Such a sucker for blue and white pottery.

Image courtesy: absolutely beautiful things


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