How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

Artificial grass for balcony is the new rage among apartment dwellers. The green grass gives a real lush look to the space often making up for the lack of a garden. I get a ton of queries from people moving into new homes asking for quotes for laying artificial grass or if I can refer any vendors who would do the same.

A while ago, I had featured Xanadu Organic Gardens. I asked the following questions on your behalf about the pre-requisites for laying artificial grass, how much it will cost so you can budget accordingly. XOG answers them for you:

1. What is the pre-requisite in terms of flooring for laying artificial grass in a balcony?

We typically do a site evaluation and consultation meeting at the site with the clients as a first step. We take detailed measurements and photos of the garden areas to work on the designs. 

In spaces where artificial grass is required for flooring, we consider the following factors: 

  1. Waterproofing
    1. The floor space needs to be waterproofed, which is typically done by the builder. Standard waterproofing is adequate. This is done to avoid leakage and waterproofing issues that may occur later. 
  2. Slope
    1. The balcony needs to be sloped well so that any water that falls on the floor, from rains or watering flows out into the drainage point. Any stagnant water or pools of water will cause issues later. In situations where the slope is not done well or water is pooling and retiling is not an option we add drain cells between the grass and the floor. Drain cells are a plastic interlocking cells which act as a barrier between the floor and the grass above facilitating drainage of water which falls on the grass mat. 
  3. Drainage
    1. Water which falls on the floor from rains or cleaning must drain out of the space immediately without hindrance to avoid stagnant pooling of water. 
  4. Dust
    1. Dust can be easily swept off the grass with a soft broom, we recommend installing grass mats only once this dust is less or maintenance will be more for this feature. 
artificial grass carpet

2. Is there a minimum space you need to work with?


3. How much does it cost to set up a garden of balcony size say,  14*7 sq.ft. that includes artificial grass and vertical garden. Can you give a breakup of cost along with a simple design (if you may choose to)?

Cost of artificial grass installation: Our standard Pine Wood Encased Vertical Garden costs Rs.900 per sq. ft. without irrigation and Rs.1200 per sq. ft. with automatic drip irrigation system. All our vertical gardens are custom sized to suit the size and design of our client’s walls. 

We have several other vertical garden concepts as well to suit different designs and budgets. 

Artificial grass flooring costs between Rs 140-180 per square foot including installation charges. The cost depends on the quality and thickness of the grass mats. 

Our clients spend around Rs. 30,000.00 to 50,000.00 for a balcony garden of this size including a vertical garden, railing planters and artificial grass flooring.

artificial grass lawn installation

4. How long would it take for you to set up a garden?

We typically require around 1 to 3 weeks to design, build and install a garden. The product build takes around 1-3 weeks followed by a 1 or 2 day modular installation. Custom building products takes around 2 – 3 weeks. 

5. What is the longevity of artificial grass? 

The manufacturers of the artificial grass give it a life of 4 to 6 years. Some amount of fading in the green colour may occur after 5 years due to exposure of Ultra Violet from direct sunlight and the elements. 

Basic sweeping of dust and fallen leaves or flowers off the grass once a week with a soft broom is all the maintenance that the grass mats require.  

6. Your contact details.


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