How to decorate kids’ spaces: Get tons of ideas from BBC Good Homes

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Appearing for the big exam calls for a brief hiatus from the blog every time. Now that it’s over, the quant-analytical brain can be given a rest to indulge in the simple pleasures of life. And for me, it always starts soaking up images with a riot of colors.¬† For three months, the BBC Good Homes magazine piled up waiting to be opened on June 6. Without fail, I did that yesterday and loved the recent issue the most for two reasons – it has dozens of ideas to decorate kids spaces and practical tips on gardening.

If you remember, I hand painted my son’s bunk bed last summer. The project is not complete and I intend to finish it now.For the benefit of international readers, I’m posting pictures from the issue.

Letting kids paint the pots is actually a brilliant idea. This summer vacation, I let my son paint all the diyas and pots with no instructions. Just let his imagination flow and you’d be surprised at the results. Shall post soon.

Like the chequered carpet?

Wondering¬† if it’s too revolutionary and bold?

Got any old trunk box? How about painting and using it to store toys/games or just for seating?

Think about painting old drawers and reusing them.

A easy to make mood/message board

An interesting wooden block game that doubles up as a stool.

What I loved about this issue:

Doable DIY projects at home drawing inspiration from the store products. In India, labor is still considered affordable so people prefer getting it done rather than doing it themselves. But, give this a try. The pleasure you derive from getting hands dirty with your little one is unsurpassed. Sometimes the best moment in life cannot be bought and that’s what I realised while painting that bed.

Have you picked up the June issue of BBC good Homes yet? If not, I suggest you do soon.

Image courtesy: BBC Good Home, June 2011 issue.



  1. Hi, I landed here looking for tips on using sheenlac polish.. and ended up browsing through most of your posts (am still not done with it). Very interesting projects that you seem to have done. Particularly loved the cot makeover to red and mangomood :).

    Having taken to DIY quite recently, am amazed at how you have been able to sustain your interest for quite a long time… Inspiring ! Gonna park myself here for sometime now !


  2. Soo colorful… Love the color planters ,,, the mood board, the sea-creature hanging in the children’s bedroom… Lovely ideas…

  3. laksh

    Happy to have readers like you, Somu :)

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